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The Benefits of Using LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Published on April 3rd, 2023


LinkedIn has established itself as one of the top social media platforms for professionals and businesses alike. It has become the go-to source for hiring managers and recruiters like you, who are looking for top talent.

The platform has advanced insights, laser sharp screening tools and brings you a host of profiles within a few searches. The LinkedIn Talent Solutions is a suite of products tailor made to suit any type of hiring (volume hiring/value hiring) and ensure you fill the job roles in the least time possible.

What if we told you scouting for talent in this platform has just become better with our tool? What if you could get scores of profiles with one screen, and simply choose what you're looking for from a user-friendly, simple dashboard?

Well, if you answered yes, keep reading to find how LinkedIn Talent Solutions can help your talent hunt, and a sneak peek of our sourcing tool.

How Has LinkedIn Come to Be The Best Source of Top Talent

LinkedIn is a professional network that boasts over 760 million members in over 200 countries and territories. It is the largest professional network in the world, making it a powerful tool for companies and recruiters to find and connect with top talent. LinkedIn's extensive network includes professionals from all industries, levels of experience, and geographic locations.

This allows recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to a wider pool of candidates, increasing the chances of finding the right fit for their organization.

LinkedIn profiles are comprehensive and provide a wealth of information about a candidate's professional background, skills, and experience. Candidates can now showcase their work history, education, certifications, and skills in detail, making it easy for you to quickly assess their qualifications.

Additionally, candidates can receive endorsements and recommendations from their connections, further validating their skills and experience, so you can see social proof about the candidate's abilities.

One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn is that it allows you to spot and target passive candidates, who may not be actively searching for a job but may be interested in exploring new opportunities if they arise.

LinkedIn allows recruiters to reach out to these candidates directly, which can lead to higher quality hires.

LinkedIn's advanced search filters make it easy for you to feed in exactly what you want and get accurate, ranked results for your search.

As recruiters in the pressure of selecting top talent, you can maximize your search for candidates based on various criteria such as location, industry, experience, and skills.

Overall, LinkedIn is a cost-effective way for companies to find top talent. It allows you to reach out to candidates directly without incurring high costs. This makes it an ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses who may not have the resources to invest in traditional recruiting methods.

There are several success stories of companies that have found top talent through LinkedIn. For example, Microsoft used LinkedIn to fill a senior position, which had been open for over a year. Within two weeks of posting the job on LinkedIn, they received over 500 applications, and ultimately hired a candidate who had been previously unreachable through other recruiting methods.

Breaking Down LinkedIn Talent Solutions

While LinkedIn is an amazing tool for everyone, to get rich insights, profiles, manage job posts and candidate engagement, LinkedIn Talent Solutions is your go-to. Let's go over each product in the suite and how they can help you pick your purple squirrel.

1. Know Where the Best People Are Using LinkedIn Talent Insights

LinkedIn Talent Insights is a powerful tool that allows you to identify and analyze talent trends, gain insights into the job market, and make data-driven hiring decisions. By using Talent Insights, organizations can understand the talent landscape, and stay ahead of the competition.

#A Identify Where the Best Talent is Located

LinkedIn Talent Insights provides a wealth of data about the job market, including the location of the best talent. It can also provide data on the skills and experience of the best talent in each location.

#B Understand The Skills and Experience of Top Talent

By using LinkedIn Talent Insights, you get unparalleled insights into the skills and experience of top talent in your industry. This information comes in handy when you create or tailor job postings to attract the most qualified candidates.

#C Analyze the Competition

The tool also allows recruiters to analyze their competition and understand the talent landscape. By tracking the hiring activity of their competitors, organizations can gain insights into the job market and make data-driven hiring decisions.

#D Create Simple and Manage Job Posts Using LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs allows users to create job posts that can be shared with your targeted audience. Once a job post is published on LinkedIn Jobs, you can manage it to suit your hiring cycle by tracking the number of views, clicks, and applicants.

The unified dashboard enables close scrutiny and manages all the applicants for a job post. Everything you need to know about them – profiles, resumes, posts, their social media presence and your conversation with them, LinkedIn helps you access it all in a single place with zero hassle. With the messaging platform tied closely to the dashboard, you can communicate instantly with the candidate, after you and your team decide to shortlist them.

Speed up your hiring by focusing on what's working and fixing what isn't. You can now do it with LinkedIn's real-time analytics on the job post's performance, including the number of views, clicks, and applications. You can also see the demographics of the applicants and the sources that drove them to the job post.

Promote your job posts to reach a larger and more targeted audience. LinkedIn offers various promotion options, including sponsored updates, sponsored InMail, and programmatic advertising you can use for speedy hiring.

2. Create an Infinite Candidate Pool with LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful tool in the LinkedIn Talent Solutions suite of products that allows businesses to search for and contact potential candidates on LinkedIn. By using advanced search filters, businesses can create an infinite pool of qualified candidates and build relationships with them over time.

#A Advanced Search Filters

This tool allows businesses to search for candidates using a wide range of filters, including location, job title, industry, and skills. This makes it easy to find qualified candidates who meet specific criteria.

#B Candidate Management

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to manage candidate profiles, add notes and tags, and track their engagement with your company over time.

#C InMail

It also helps you to send personalized messages to potential candidates, even if they are not connected to you on LinkedIn. This makes it easy to build relationships with high potential passive candidates over time and nurture them well, so you can bring them over to your company in good time.

3. Show Off Who You Are Using LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing

In today's highly competitive job market, recruitment marketing has become an essential part of attracting and retaining top talent. You need to show what your brand stands for, the impact you have created/wish to create and the value you add to your stakeholders. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to do this crucial task.

#A Targeted Advertising

LinkedIn's advertising platform eases your work in targeting ads to specific job titles, industries, or even individual companies. This targeting capability ensures that your ads are seen by the right people, increasing the chances of attracting qualified candidates.

#B Show Off Your Employer Brand

You can kick off the hiring process by creating a company page, sharing employee testimonials, and posting job openings with branded images and videos. By highlighting your company culture and values on your profile and promoting your profile, you can attract candidates who share your vision and are a good fit for your organization.

You can also leverage your employees' networks to find top talent through employee referral programs. This is an effective way to attract top talent as referred candidates are more likely to be a good fit for the job and stay with the company longer.

#C Mobile Optimization

Most LinkedIn users access the site on mobile devices, so it's essential to have recruitment marketing campaigns that are optimized for mobile. LinkedIn's mobile-friendly platform ensures that your job postings and ads are visible and easily accessible on any device.

One Up the Talent Market with LinkedIn Talent Solutions – Benefits of LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Now that we're familiar with the recruitment tools in the advanced LinkedIn Talent Solutions toolkit, let's go over how your organization can benefit from using them to your advantage.

#1 Endless Candidate Pool

LinkedIn Talent Solutions allows you to build a talent pipeline, which is a pool of potential candidates that they can tap into when a job opening arises. This feature helps you stay organized and efficient, ensuring that they always have a pool of qualified candidates to choose from.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers increased visibility to job postings and company profiles, making it easier for recruiters to attract top talent. LinkedIn has over 700 million members worldwide, and job postings and company profiles are visible to all members, increasing the chances of finding qualified candidates.

The suite also offers tools that help you streamline and unify your recruitment process, reducing the time and effort needed to find qualified candidates. The Talent Pipeline feature comes in handy to organize your candidate pool.

#2 Diversity, All the Way

Diversity and inclusion have become critical elements in the hiring process, and businesses are recognizing the importance of building diverse teams.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions allows hiring experts like you to create job postings that are inclusive and attract a diverse pool of candidates. The platform offers templates and suggestions for inclusive language and also allows businesses to add a diversity and inclusion statement to their job postings.

The platform presents a rich talent pool that you can search through to find diverse candidates. Simplify your search with filters based on various demographics, such as gender, race, and ethnicity.

This recruiter friendly tool offers analytics and reporting tools that can help businesses track the diversity of their hiring process. The platform provides data on the demographics of candidates who apply for jobs, as well as the diversity of candidates who are hired.

Did you know that LinkedIn Talent Solutions has partnerships with a variety of organizations that focus on diversity and inclusion? These partnerships can help businesses tap into a more diverse pool of candidates.

#3 Change the Narrative from Labour Intensive to Enriching Recruitment Experience

LinkedIn Talent Solutions provide a more personalized and engaging candidate experience. Through LinkedIn, you can share relevant content, interact with potential candidates, and showcase what your company stands for. This personalized approach creates a positive experience for candidates, which can increase their interest in the company and the role.

The tool also offers recruiters a suite of recruiting tools to help streamline the recruitment process, including job postings, candidate sourcing, candidate matching, and applicant tracking. By utilizing these tools, you can save time and focus on more critical aspects of the recruitment process, such as building relationships with potential candidates.

#4 Let Data Feed Your hiring Decisions

Data-driven recruiting is the process of using data to inform hiring decisions. LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers several tools and services that can help businesses make data-driven hiring decisions.

It also provides businesses with insights into candidate behavior, such as whether they are actively seeking new job opportunities or have recently updated their profile.

LinkedIn Talent Insights is a tool that provides businesses with insights into the job market, including information on the supply and demand of specific skills, the companies that are hiring, and the compensation trends in a given industry.

By using this information, you can make informed decisions on where to allocate recruitment resources, measure key metrics from time to time and explore how to improve your recruitment process.

#5 Measure Team Performance and Upskill Them

LinkedIn Talent Solutions allows organizations and hiring teams like you to benchmark your performance against industry standards and track progress over time.

You can measure team performance, identify high-performing individuals and teams and replicate their success across the organization.

LinkedIn Learning, a feature of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, offers thousands of online courses and training programs that can help employees develop new skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

It empowers you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, which can lead to higher engagement and retention rates in your team.

LinkedIn Learning offers personalized recommendations based on an employee's skills and interests, which can help you identify areas where your team members need training, or coaching and assign courses specifically for them.

How Can EasySource Help?

EasySource is an up and coming search tool of a pioneering recruitment solutions brand – Hire Quotient. Your talent search on LinkedIn just got elevated.

EasySource is a free chrome extension that you can install from your browser and enable every time you want to 10x your talent search on LinkedIn.

It helps you organize your search by understanding the project, or nature of the job you're hiring for. Subsequently, the tool gathers all relevant information from you, in terms of job title, geography, experience, skills, education, industry, any specific course you're looking for in your candidates, and if you require them to have Authorization to work in the US.

You can organize multiple searches in the Projects tab and reuse the search keywords whenever required.

All you need to do is log in to LinkedIn, and use EasySource. That's it – within seconds, you will see the cream layer of candidate profiles being lined up, profiles that adhere to your requirements, ranked and stacked with rich insights, so you can begin your unicorn hunt.



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