LGBTQ+ Inclusive Hiring Checklist

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Hiring Checklist

Published on July 8th, 2023

Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not only ethically imperative but also brings numerous benefits to organizations. Creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive hiring process is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent from the LGBTQ+ community. In this blog, we present an LGBTQ+ Hiring Checklist to guide organizations in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ job applicants.

LGBTQ+ Hiring Checklist:

Review and Update Policies:

a. Non-Discrimination Policy: Ensure your organization's policies explicitly state that discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression will not be tolerated.
b. Inclusive Language: Use inclusive language in job descriptions, company policies, and other communications to signal your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Training and Education:

a. LGBTQ+ Awareness Training: Provide training to all employees, including hiring managers, to foster understanding, sensitivity, and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues.
b. Pronoun Education: Educate staff on the importance of using correct pronouns and provide guidance on how to respectfully ask for and use preferred pronouns.

Inclusive Job Advertisements:

a. Diversity Statements: Include a diversity statement in your job postings, emphasizing your commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace.
b. LGBTQ+ Inclusive Language: Use inclusive language in job descriptions, avoiding gender-specific terms and assumptions about marital status or gender identity.

Application Process:

a. Gender-Neutral Application Forms: Provide options beyond the binary gender choices and allow applicants to self-identify their gender or choose not to disclose.
b. Pronoun Preference: Include a section for applicants to specify their pronoun preference if they wish to disclose.

Interview Process:

a. Inclusive Interview Questions: Avoid asking gender-specific or heteronormative questions and focus on the candidate's qualifications, skills, and experience.
b. LGBTQ+ Competency Assessment: Assess candidates' understanding and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, ensuring they align with your organization's values.

Candidate Experience:

a. Respectful Communication: Use inclusive language and respect candidates' preferred names and pronouns throughout the hiring process.
b. Confidentiality and Privacy: Assure candidates that their LGBTQ+ status will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

Partner with LGBTQ+ Organizations:

a. Network with LGBTQ+ Professional Associations: Build relationships with LGBTQ+ organizations and leverage their networks to connect with diverse talent.
b. LGBTQ+ Job Fairs and Events: Participate in LGBTQ+ job fairs and events to actively recruit and engage with LGBTQ+ job seekers.

Inclusive Onboarding and Support:

a. LGBTQ+ Resource Group: Establish or support an employee resource group (ERG) for LGBTQ+ employees, providing a safe space for networking, support, and advocacy.
b. Inclusive Policies and Benefits: Ensure your organization's policies and benefits are inclusive, covering issues such as gender transition support, LGBTQ+ health benefits, and family leave policies.

Creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive hiring process requires a deliberate effort to promote diversity, equality, and respect. By following this LGBTQ+ Hiring Checklist, you can attract and retain talented individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment. Remember to review and update policies, provide training and education, use inclusive language, offer a respectful application and interview process, prioritize candidate experience, partner with LGBTQ+ organizations, and provide inclusive onboarding and support. Embracing LGBTQ+ inclusion will not only benefit your organization but also contribute to a more equitable and diverse society as a whole.




Pankaj Deshmukh

Pankaj Deshmukh is a digital marketing professional working with HireQuotient. He strongly believes in the never-ending process of learning and stays updated with the latest trends in order to produce valuable content.


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