Introducing EasySource 2.0

Introducing EasySource 2.0: Revolutionizing Talent Sourcing and Outreach

Published on July 5th, 2023

Recruiters, and hiring managers, brace yourselves for the next level of efficiency and productivity in your sourcing and outreach endeavors. After months of meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and continuous improvements, we proudly present EasySource 2.0! This upgraded version of our popular Chrome extension takes talent acquisition to new heights with its groundbreaking features. In this article, we will delve into the details of EasySource 2.0, highlighting its innovative capabilities that are set to transform the way you discover and engage with top-quality candidates. In case you’re curious about what all the hype is about with our previous version, read all about it here.

The Power of EasySource: What Is It? 

In today's highly competitive job market, time is of the essence when it comes to sourcing and connecting with the right candidates. EasySource 2.0 is designed to streamline the entire process, from finding potential candidates to personalized outreach and comprehensive trackability of responses. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can effortlessly build a robust pipeline of relevant candidates, ensuring your talent acquisition efforts are laser-focused and effective.

EasySource 2.0 boasts a seamlessly integrated Chrome extension that enhances your experience on LinkedIn, the platform of choice for talent acquisition. As a recruiter, you can utilize the same familiar environment you're accustomed to, enriched with additional features that simplify and expedite your sourcing and outreach tasks.


  1. Smart Filtering for Optimal Results
    One of the standout features of EasySource 2.0 is its extensive array of suggested filters, personalized according to your specific job requirements. These intelligent filters enable you to swiftly pinpoint the most relevant candidates, saving you valuable time. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the tool meticulously analyzes candidate experiences, ensuring that only the most suitable profiles are presented to you. With EasySource 2.0, you can confidently narrow down your search results and focus your attention on candidates who align perfectly with your hiring needs.
  2. Outreach Automation Made Effortless
    EasySource 2.0 offers a user-friendly dashboard that empowers you to automate your outreach efforts seamlessly. The dashboard provides valuable insights into your pipeline, including the number of candidates in various stages of the process, candidates contacted, and those who have responded. By utilizing the filter options, you can conveniently categorize candidates into lists such as shortlisted, rejected, not interested, or on hold. Additionally, the sorting functionality helps you quickly identify the most relevant candidates. 

If you wish to get a specific candidate or just screen a couple of profiles, With EasySource 2.0, you have the option of chatting with our virtual assistant, where you can directly ask questions like, “I want to hire an Account Executive in New York with a SaaS background. The ideal candidate should have 3 years of experience and skill sets like negotiation and business development.” And Viola! You get your options in the chatbox (like asking your fellow recruiter nearby) Speaking of personalization, EasySource 2.0 also displays the personal emails of the candidates you have selected. You can reach out and send hyper-personalized messages in no time.  

  1. Building Workflows Tailored to Your Needs
    Crafting effective outreach workflows is a breeze with EasySource 2.0. With the initial version, EasySource provides personalized suggestions tailored to each candidate. Now, with EasySource 2.0, We provide a better experience where we ensure that the outreach mail is completely optimized according to the candidate’s profile: Right from the greeting to the salutation (that’s right! Even the names). 

    We’ve taken the effort of picking the best workflow used by recruiters when they were using our tool and sequenced it to reduce effort and redundancy. All you have to do is plan your delays and probably make a few tweaks to the messages if you feel it is necessary. The sequence follows the order given below:
  • Email
  • Time Delay
  • Connection Request
  • Time Delay
  • LinkedIn InMails
  1. Trackability for Enhanced Efficiency
    Tracking and managing candidate responses is effortless with EasySource 2.0. By accessing the dashboard, you can conveniently review received and sent messages, ensuring you never miss a beat in your communication. The workflows tab provides a comprehensive overview of all the workflows you have created, enabling you to monitor and optimize your outreach strategies effectively. Additionally, you can invite team members and collaborate seamlessly using the “Manage Team” feature.
  2. Improved UI
    This time, we ensured that our UI was optimized to suit your convenience in the best way possible. We’ve ensured that you get through with your outreach with the least number of clicks and also worked on the visual impact to keep you at ease as you source the best candidates you can find. This is best experienced that spoken through words, so try it out!

Unleash the Power of EasySource 2.0

As a recruiter, you're continually seeking tools and technologies that enhance your workflow and elevate your hiring process. Look no further than EasySource 2.0, the ultimate Chrome extension for recruiters. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly source candidates directly from LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, maximizing your efficiency and productivity.

EasySource 2.0's suggested filters, powered by AI, empower you to rapidly identify candidates who closely match your requirements. Say goodbye to manual profile reviews, and embrace the AI-driven precision that EasySource 2.0 brings to your talent-sourcing endeavors.

Keep tabs on your sourcing activities with the intuitive dashboard, which provides real-time insights into your sourcing efforts. From the number of profiles viewed to candidates added to your pipeline, EasySource 2.0 equips you with the data you need to optimize your recruitment strategies.

In conclusion, EasySource 2.0 revolutionizes talent sourcing and outreach. With its advanced AI algorithms, intuitive interface, and comprehensive features, it's the go-to solution for recruiters, talent sources, and hiring managers aiming to supercharge their recruitment efforts. Don't wait another moment – experience the power of EasySource 2.0 today and propel your recruitment endeavors to unprecedented heights of success. Your next top-quality hire is just a click away!



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