Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form

Published on July 4th, 2023

The Incident Report Form is a crucial document used to document and record any incidents or accidents that occur within a company or organization.

  • Clearly captures details of the incident: The form prompts individuals to provide essential information such as the date, time, location, description, and parties involved, ensuring a comprehensive account of the incident
  • Facilitates prompt response and investigation: By using the form, incidents can be reported and addressed quickly, enabling timely response, investigation, and implementation of corrective measures.

Using the Incident Report Form helps organizations maintain accurate incident records, enhance workplace safety, and foster a proactive approach to risk management.

[Your Company Name]

Incident Report Form

Employee Information:

Name: _________________________________


Employee ID: ___________________________


Department: ___________________________


Position/Job Title: ______________________


Date of Incident: _______________________


Time of Incident: _______________________


Location of Incident: ____________________


Description of Incident:

Please provide a detailed description of the incident, including what happened, who was involved, and any relevant circumstances or factors leading up to the incident. Use additional sheets if necessary.


Were there any witnesses to the incident? If yes, please provide their names and contact information.

Name: _________________________________

Contact Number: ________________________


Name: _________________________________

Contact Number: ________________________


Immediate Action Taken:

Please describe any immediate actions taken to address the incident or mitigate any potential risks or hazards.

Additional Comments or Observations:

Use this space to provide any additional comments, observations, or relevant information related to the incident.

Recommendations for Prevention:

Based on your assessment of the incident, please provide any recommendations or suggestions for preventing similar incidents in the future.

Employee Signature: _______________________


Date: _________________________________


Supervisor/Manager Signature: _____________________


Date: _________________________________


Please submit this incident report form to your supervisor or the designated department responsible for handling incidents. It is crucial to report all incidents promptly and accurately to ensure appropriate follow-up actions can be taken.

Note: This incident report form serves as a general template and may need to be modified to align with your company's specific incident reporting procedures and requirements. It is important to consult your company's policies and procedures and follow any specific guidelines provided.



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