HR blogs to follow in 2024

Top HR Blogs to Follow in 2024

Published on November 5th, 2023

As we step into the dynamic landscape of 2024, staying abreast of the latest trends, insights, and best practices in human resources (HR) is crucial for professionals in the field. This blog introduces a curated list of HR blogs, providing compelling reasons to follow each, a glimpse of the valuable content they offer, and a brief description of each.

1. HR blog: Harvard Business Review - HR Section

  • Why to Follow: Access cutting-edge research and expert perspectives on evolving HR trends.
  • What to Read: Insightful articles on organizational culture, talent management, and leadership.
  • Description: A globally renowned publication, HBR offers in-depth analyses and thought-provoking content on various business aspects, including a dedicated section for HR.

Harvard Business Review - HR Section

2. HR blog: SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

  • Why to Follow: Stay updated on HR best practices and gain insights from thought leaders.
  • What to Read: Diverse content covering talent acquisition, workplace diversity, and HR technology.
  • Description: SHRM is a leading HR professional organization, and its blog serves as a valuable resource, offering expert perspectives and current trends in the HR field.


3. HR blog: HR Bartender

  • Why to Follow: Practical advice from HR expert Sharlyn Lauby for tackling real-world challenges.
  • What to Read: Tips on leadership development, employee engagement, and workplace culture.
  • Description: Authored by Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender provides a down-to-earth and practical approach to various HR topics, making it a go-to resource for actionable insights.

HR Bartender

4. HR blog: TLNT - The Business of HR

  • Why to Follow: Comprehensive coverage of HR topics with insights from industry leaders.
  • What to Read: Articles on talent management, HR technology trends, and organizational development.
  • Description: TLNT is a comprehensive HR blog that offers a wide array of insights and perspectives, providing a holistic view of the current HR landscape.

TLNT - The Business of HR

5. HR blog: Recruiting Daily

  • Why to Follow: Essential for talent acquisition professionals seeking the latest recruiting strategies.
  • What to Read: Insights into recruitment technologies, candidate experience, and industry trends.
  • Description: Recruiting Daily is a go-to source for professionals involved in talent acquisition, providing valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of recruitment.

Recruiting Daily

6. HR blog: Gallup Workplace Blog

  • Why to Follow: Data-driven insights on employee engagement and workplace dynamics.
  • What to Read: Research-backed articles on leadership, organizational culture, and employee well-being.
  • Description: Gallup, a renowned research and analytics company, offers a blog focusing on workplace-related topics, providing valuable data-driven insights.

Gallup Workplace Blog

7. HR blog: Fistful of Talent

  • Why to Follow: A blend of humor and expertise offering unconventional perspectives on HR.
  • What to Read: Candid discussions on talent management, HR strategy, and workplace trends.
  • Description: Fistful of Talent, led by Kris Dunn, provides a unique blend of humor and wisdom, offering unconventional perspectives on various HR and talent management topics.

Fistful of Talent

8. HR blog: HR Exchange Network

  • Why to Follow: Connect with HR professionals and gain insights from community discussions.
  • What to Read: Diverse content covering talent development, HR technology, and strategic HR.
  • Description: HR Exchange Network offers a platform for HR professionals to exchange ideas and insights, fostering a community-driven approach to staying updated on HR trends.

HR Exchange Network

9. HR blog: HR Daily Advisor

  • Why to Follow: A reliable source for HR compliance, best practices, and legal updates.
  • What to Read: Articles on HR policies, compliance strategies, and workplace regulations.
  • Description: HR Daily Advisor provides practical insights and guidance to navigate the complex landscape of HR compliance and legal matters.

HR Daily Advisor

10. HR blog: Human Resource Executive

  • Why to Follow: Stay informed on executive-level HR strategies and industry trends.
  • What to Read: Executive insights, leadership development, and HR technology reviews.
  • Description: Human Resource Executive delivers high-level content for HR leaders, covering strategic decision-making and industry trends.

Human Resource Executive

11. HR blog: The HR Capitalist

  • Why to Follow: Insightful commentary on HR issues, talent management, and workplace trends.
  • What to Read: Provocative articles on talent acquisition, employer branding, and HR leadership.
  • Description: The HR Capitalist, run by Kris Dunn, provides a candid and thought-provoking perspective on HR challenges and trends.

The HR Capitalist

12. HR blog: Undercover Recruiter

  • Why to Follow: Explore recruitment strategies, employer branding, and candidate experience.
  • What to Read: Interviews with industry experts, recruitment tips, and employer branding insights.
  • Description: Undercover Recruiter is a go-to resource for recruiters, offering insights into talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, and employer branding.

Undercover Recruiter

13. HR blog: Workology

  • Why to Follow: Dive into HR technology, workplace trends, and talent management strategies.
  • What to Read: Articles on HR certification, workplace culture, and workforce planning.
  • Description: Workology is a comprehensive HR blog providing valuable insights into the intersection of HR, technology, and the evolving workplace.



14. HR blog: HR Technologist

  • Why to Follow: Stay updated on HR technology trends, innovations, and software reviews.
  • What to Read: Articles on HR software, AI in HR, and digital transformation in human resources.
  • Description: HR Technologist is dedicated to exploring the intersection of HR and technology, offering insights into the latest trends and innovations.

HR Technologist

15. HR blog: The Muse - Employer Branding Blog

  • Why to Follow: Elevate your employer branding strategies and enhance the candidate experience.
  • What to Read: Tips on employer branding, talent attraction, and creating an engaging workplace.
  • Description: The Muse's Employer Branding Blog provides practical advice and case studies to strengthen employer branding efforts.

The Muse - Employer Branding Blog

16. HR blog: TINYpulse Blog

  • Why to Follow: Gain insights into employee engagement, workplace culture, and performance management.
  • What to Read: Articles on employee feedback, leadership development, and creating a positive work environment.
  • Description: TINYpulse focuses on employee engagement and workplace culture, offering actionable tips for fostering a positive and productive work environment.

TINYpulse Blog

17. HR blog: Bonusly Blog

  • Why to Follow: Explore employee recognition strategies, workplace happiness, and team engagement.
  • What to Read: Articles on employee rewards, recognition best practices, and fostering a positive workplace culture.
  • Description: Bonusly's Blog provides insights into employee recognition and rewards, contributing to a culture of appreciation and engagement.

Bonusly Blog

18. HR blog: ERE Media

  • Why to Follow: Stay informed on recruiting strategies, talent acquisition, and HR best practices.
  • What to Read: Articles on recruiting trends, talent sourcing, and innovative recruitment strategies.
  • Description: ERE Media offers a variety of content on recruiting and talent acquisition, providing valuable insights for HR and recruitment professionals.

ERE Media

19. HR blog: HR Dive

  • Why to Follow: Dive into HR news, trends, and analysis for quick updates on the industry.
  • What to Read: Briefings on HR legislation, workplace trends, and industry events.
  • Description: HR Dive delivers daily news and analysis on HR topics, making it a valuable resource for staying updated on the latest industry developments.

HR Dive

20. HR blog: BambooHR 

  • Why to Follow: HR software tips and workplace trends.
  • What to Read: HR technology, employee experience.
  • Description: The BambooHR Blog provides valuable insights into HR software tips and emerging workplace trends, making it a must-follow resource for HR professionals. Readers can explore topics ranging from HR technology advancements to enhancing employee experience, offering practical guidance for improving HR practices and processes. 


21. HR blog: HR Gazette 

  • Why to Follow: Diverse perspectives on HR topics.
  • What to Read: HR industry news, career advice.
  • Description:  Features articles from HR professionals worldwide": The HR Gazette showcases articles contributed by HR professionals from around the globe, offering a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences within the HR community.

HR Gazette

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In the evolving landscape of HR, these additional blogs offer a diverse range of insights, strategies, and perspectives. Follow them to stay ahead in the dynamic world of human resources, and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations in 2024. Bookmark their websites for continuous learning and professional growth.

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