How To Search Incognito On LinkedIn

How To Search Incognito On LinkedIn?

Published on May 6th, 2023



In this new era of networking, searching for potential candidates or clients on LinkedIn has become almost essential. As a hiring manager, you may want to stay anonymous while browsing profiles and conducting research; after all, it’s always best practice to keep up with the latest recruiting trends! 

Want to know how you can safely look without raising the suspicions of anyone else? Cherish this guidance on How To Search Incognito On Linkedin: armed with insider tips and tricks, you will be able to seamlessly preserve your privacy as an HR professional – not to mention that fun tech camo look!

1. Sign in to LinkedIn

To use LinkedIn's incognito mode, you need to be signed in to your LinkedIn account. If you don't have a LinkedIn account yet, you can create one for free by visiting the LinkedIn website.

2. Navigate to the "Privacy Settings" page

Once you're signed in, navigate to your account's privacy settings. You can access this page by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage and selecting "Settings & Privacy" from the dropdown menu.

3. Turn on "Private mode"

On the privacy settings page, scroll down to the "How others see your LinkedIn activity" section and click on "Change" next to "Profile viewing options." From there, you can select "Private mode" to browse LinkedIn profiles anonymously. Note that when you turn on private mode, you will not be able to see who has viewed your profile.

4. Use LinkedIn's search bar to find profiles

Once you've turned on private mode, you can use LinkedIn's search bar to find profiles without revealing your identity. Simply enter the name or keywords you're searching for in the search bar, and LinkedIn will display a list of relevant profiles. You can browse these profiles without the risk of the person you're viewing knowing that you've viewed their profile.

5. Turn off private mode when you're done

If you want to return to normal browsing mode, you can simply turn off private mode by following the same steps in your account's privacy settings. Note that when you turn off private mode, your LinkedIn activity will become visible to others again, including when you view their profiles.

6. Use EasySource

EasySource by HireQuotient is an automated candidate sourcing tool that helps recruiters and hiring managers find the best candidates for their job openings. With EasySource, you can search through a ginormous database and filter your search results based on job title, location, industry, and experience. The tool also offers features like automated & hyper-personlized messaging, workflow optimization and candidate tracking to streamline your recruitment process.

It is a LinkedIn extension that can simplify your candidate search by multiple folds and give you a pool of candidates that are not only relevant but also available to join immediately. 

Linkedin search incognito is the perfect way to stay anonymous and still get the information you need. This new incognito feature is a great addition to LinkedIn, making it easier for recruiters to search for their dream candidates without worrying about privacy issues. 

Plus, it’s cool that you can look up potential colleagues (or even future employees) without them ever knowing! From discreetly researching new prospects to potentially getting some dirt on a much-needed connection – just remember that being able to go incognito is an incredibly important part of your digital toolkit. 

So don’t forget to brush up on your Linkedin search skills and use the power of incognito wisely. Who knows what sort of secrets you will find out?




Radhika Sarraf

Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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