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How to assess and hire project manager

Published on November 9th, 2022


A quick search online and to no one's surprise, project management is one of the most sought after courses out there.  
As a professional hirer, you know that an online (or offline ) course does not validate the skillset and the capability of a person to apply what was learned from the said course. Now, what? If truth serums and mind-reading spells could make an entrance, now would be the time, unless…  
You stringently read through what we have  
Let’s start with the basic question,  
What is project management?  
The utilization of particular information, skills, tools, and procedures in project management is done in order to provide people with something of value. Projects include things like building a building, providing relief following a natural disaster, expanding sales into a new geographic market, and developing software for better company processes.

The three types of project managers to look out for:

1. Captain  

Captains have creative problem-solving skills. They naturally gravitate into leadership positions due to their intense desire to exert overall control and foster team success. Project management positions provide Captains tasks that are well matched for their intrinsic skills at clear communication, thriving off of social energy, and navigating change with a calm demeanor under pressure. You shouldn't be surprised if they inspire the entire project management team to surpass their quotas because they enjoy the camaraderie of friendly workplace competition.

2. Strategist

A strategist is always focused on the end goal. They take time to gain competence, but once they do, there is nothing that can stop them from organizing everyone, taking calculated risks, and bringing about change. These goal-driven individuals can see the big picture and foresee issues, but they are also adaptable enough to proactively address issues and challenges they weren't expecting. The precise quality that clients want for in a project manager is one that strategists possess—they pay attention to every detail and won't stop until the job is done perfectly.

3. Commanders

Commanders are practical and mostly focused on the details. They err on the side of conservatism, succeeding best when they can follow the rules. This indicates that they take the initiative to complete the tasks at hand; these simple professionals don't put things off. Especially when they have a clear knowledge of the desired goals and strategies to attain them, you can count on Controllers to make difficult decisions and produce high-quality work.

Project manager’s skills and competencies

These managers are in charge of leading important projects, thus they need to possess a specific set of brilliant abilities. They should first prioritize regular and efficient internal and external communication. That entails establishing a number of touchpoints with clients and developing rapport in order to create solid and reliable partnerships. Internally, project managers must be able to communicate the needs of the client to the team members who are in charge of producing the deliverables.  
Project managers should also be capable of:

  • Paying close attention
  • Both large-scale projects and daily jobs should be planned
  • Prioritize the current tasks
  • Work on your problem-solving skills
  • Determine and control project risk
  • Giving clients and the production teams constructive criticism
  • Ensure team success

Additionally, you should look for a project manager who can adapt to the unique requirements of your business. Do you require a person with a certain area of expertise? Are you seeking project managers who have experience in the industries they will be directing? Do you require evidence that they will meticulously plan and record the procedure rather than winging it? Do you need your project managers to be proficient with a certain piece of software? The expected results will materialize much sooner if you look for candidates who are the proper fit from the start.

Utilize rational hiring procedures and science.

Even if it means it will take some time to discover the "perfect" candidate, smart hiring goes deeper to understand the full person and how well they are qualified to help carry out your business goal.  
A manager who can monitor performance and understand how to modify the scope of work to promote better results is necessary for planning, reviewing, and enhancing projects. In a similar vein, recruiters can use technology to foretell how well candidates will fit a role. Once you've determined what qualities the ideal project manager should possess, the appropriate hiring tools can assist you in shortlisting candidates based on fit. 
As part of the selection process, we have the perfect set of questions in the form of video interviews or skill assessments here at HireQuotient. We realize that each project manager you are looking out for needs to be accommodative of your expectations. With science on your side, selecting a candidate will be easier with fewer resumes to review and better candidates available.

How to reel in the project manager your company needs

To get the attention of Captains, Strategists, and Controllers, use the following advice:

Make a compelling job pitch.

Because the role is frequently so specific to the firm, it can be challenging for recruiting managers to draw individuals to project management positions. Make sure you're using all the appropriate channels to reach your target audience and that, once you do, your message is clear.  
Captains belong to the Social group of Reference Profiles, so you'll frequently encounter these gregarious applicants at in-person networking events or through referrals from coworkers. Conversely, because they belong to the analytical group, strategists and controllers may be more likely to search online job boards for the ideal position description.

Create a specific job description.

The first chance to attract candidates and sell them on the position frequently comes from your job post (especially for Strategists and Controllers), so make sure your copy is compelling to increase your chances of being seen by the best Reference Profiles.  
While Commanders are seeking a clear explanation of the structure of the position, Captains and Strategists want to understand both the overall aims and the particular goals. Because all three Reference Profiles are results-driven and meticulous, make sure your job posting gives them a clear grasp of the obligations and difficulties that come with playing the role of project manager at your organization.  
To help you get that star project manager on board, we at HireQuotient have a unique skill assessment platform that takes care of most of the heavy lifting for you! Get on a quick 15-minute call and our experts will help you out with an optimized plan that can help you lure the perfect project manager.

Project Management Interview Questions and Answers

Consider hiring project managers. Utilize our sourcing tool

Even though some applicants for jobs have great credentials, only our Project Manager Test can disclose what is genuinely there, what talents they have, and how much they will contribute to the firm. It is challenging to locate qualified specialists. Consider using HireQuotient's sourcing tool if you want to modify your hiring practices right away.
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