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How to Assess and Hire a Sales Manager?

Published on December 2nd, 2022


Who is a sales manager?

A manager who oversees a variety of crucial tasks in a corporate organization is what is known as a sales manager. Some of their duties are as follows:

  • Employing, training, and recruiting salespeople
  • Keeping track of sales targets and assessing success toward company goals
  • Assessing client satisfaction levels and creating initiatives to raise them
  • Preparing, producing, and presenting sales reports to management
  • Improving the sales skills of team members through mentoring and coaching

The duties of a sales manager may change based on the size of the organization. In a small business, they can be in charge of member training and sales goal setting. However, for major businesses, regional sales executives and their teams may be under the supervision of sales managers.

Why hire a sales manager?

The sales manager oversees the sales team and attempts to increase revenue for the business. High-performing sales teams are recruited by sales managers, who also assist them in finding leads, achieving or exceeding revenue projections, and satisfying client needs. 

The finest sales managers are able to effortlessly close transactions, have a solid understanding of the goods and services they are selling and can train a group of salespeople to do the same. Gaining clients, consumers, and earnings is the ultimate objective.

What to look for in a sales manager?

Technology and data-driven

In today's digital age, using technology and leveraging sales data/analytics to increase sales is a must. People that are tech and data-driven go beyond simply monitoring data to proactively using it to make informed recommendations and judgments. They are principled in their reasoning and don't just make decisions on instinct. 

We urge Sales Managers to set up a line of questioning where applicants must explain their relationship with technology and why they make the decisions they do in order to assist assess whether a candidate is tech and data-driven. Can they use the data to create a narrative?

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Talents in communication

Sales managers interact with both clients and team members. They must coordinate with other departments' teams as well. Training team members is one of a sales manager's other key duties. They may require highly developed communication skills to accomplish all of this successfully.

Decent listener

Your sales representatives' conversations with customers and sales outcomes will improve as they become better listeners. Does the candidate show that they are paying attention—and not simply to what is being said? Do they pose queries that suggest they are active listeners? 

Do they elaborate on details from previous stages in the interview to show that they were paying close attention and paying close attention? Candidates that talk incessantly and frequently at a high rate of speed typically have poor listening skills.

Leadership qualities

A sales manager is in charge of developing and leading their team, keeping them inspired, as well as recruiting and integrating new hires. Their ability to lead others can be extremely important to the sales team's success. Managers may make sure the team functions well and gradually increase production.

Willingness to accept feedback

Natural salespeople do exist, but they are extremely rare. To become a true sales expert with a thorough understanding of the finer parts of the art and science of selling, the majority of reps need intensive coaching. The interview is the ideal time to assess a representative's coachability. How do you evaluate a candidate's coachability in an interview? Ask prospective candidates to first:

  • Give an example of criticism they have received and what they did after receiving it.
    Write down their individual objectives and check to see if "continuous improvement" is included.
  • Describe a struggle they overcame and the lessons they took away from it.
  • You can tell from a candidate's comments whether or not they are likely to put the coaching feedback to use and whether they are receptive to fresh ideas.

How to hire a sales manager?

Describe the abilities and traits needed for the position of sales manager

This is a profession that calls for a specific base skill set, from using a CRM to creating sales performance measures. A sales plan is typically created and implemented by sales managers. Additionally, they need to be adept at planning, organizing, and managing people.

Additionally, you ought to look for a manager whose qualifications match those required by your company. Do you require your sales manager to suggest strategies for breaking into new markets? Look for applicants who can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and abilities to accomplish that.

Prioritize personality traits and actions over knowledge or expertise.

You can have a candidate with a strong sales background who ends up being the group's worst coach and mentor. Not that abilities and experience don't factor into hiring decisions; nevertheless, behavior and attitude are much more important, and new sales personnel won't onboard themselves.

Most teams search for the following qualities when recruiting a sales manager:

  • Positive
  • Motivational
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Honest
  • Adaptable
  • Inspiring

At HireQuotient, we advise businesses to develop Job Targets for available positions. A brief evaluation survey allows you to create a profile known as a Job Target. It pinpoints the particular behavioral characteristics and cognitive skills required for a person to be successful in a role. Job Targets provide a framework for assessing candidates during interviews.
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