Hiring PPC Managers

How to Assess and Hire PPC Managers?

Published on January 2nd, 2023


Who are PPC Managers?

PPC (pay-per-click) managers are those who manage a company’s PPC ad spending and performance. Their job role is to strategize PPC marketing campaigns and ensure that every penny is spent wisely.

PPC is an online advertising model that helps drive traffic to your website. Each time a user clicks on your ad, you are charged a fee by the platform or website serving your ads. Hence the name, ‘pay-per-click’.

Skills of a PPC Manager

PPC managers must possess a variety of abilities, from creativity to analytical thinking, to be successful. These are the ten qualities to look for in a prospect if you're hiring a PPC expert.

Analytical Skills

PPC professionals must have strong analytical and quantitative skills because they spend a lot of time analyzing current PPC campaigns. To optimize campaigns, PPC managers need to be comfortable working with numbers, statistics, and data. Data manipulation is made simple with the use of Excel skills (such as Pivot tables and functions).

Organization and Time Management

To make sure they are using their time efficiently, PPC managers need to be well-organized and have solid time management abilities. The majority of PPC managers create to-do lists, while some even create weekly planners.


PPC managers are enthusiastic about online marketing, particularly PPC. When a PPC expert describes current or past campaigns that they have managed, you can see that they are passionate.

Technical Skills

To provide efficient PPC management, PPC specialists need to be knowledgeable about tracking codes, retargeting codes, tag managers, and other technological concepts. Due to the technical requirements, experience with HTML and Javascript can be beneficial for PPC manager roles.

Creativity Skills

PPC managers utilize their creativity to create engaging and relevant ad copy that searchers are more likely to click on in order to increase the frequency of clicks on their ads. The greatest PPC experts use emotional and "fear of losing out" ad language to boost click-through rates.

Business Understanding

To effectively target customers with the right ad text, display advertising, placements, and keywords, PPC professionals need to have a thorough awareness of the company, the business goals, the customers, and the customers' intentions.

Communication Skills

For efficient connection with clients and other members of the digital marketing team, PPC professionals need to be proficient in both written and oral communication. Without communication, crucial information (like necessary modifications to campaigns) might harm PPC outcomes.

Open to Change

A PPC specialist should be willing to accept that a campaign hasn't gone as well as it should have and that it needs to be modified in order to be improved.

Desire to Learn

Any digital marketer should have a strong willingness to learn because the field of marketing is always evolving. PPC managers need to be eager to learn and enthusiastic about doing so.

Willingness to Try

PPC experts must be eager and willing to test out fresh web marketing strategies. PPC managers won't be able to learn which campaigns or methods are most effective without this drive to try new ones.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities of PPC Manager

  • Delivering great results for both paid and organic campaigns.
  • Planning and execution of paid strategy & implementation, within Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads products.
  • The planning and execution of SEO campaign & strategy – research, technical implementation & reporting
  • Strong understanding of all aspects of SEO; technical, on-site & off-site
  • Multi-channel approach – strong understanding of digital channel integration (PPC/Content/Social)
  • Providing data-rich campaign performance insights & recommendations

    How to Assess PPC Managers?

    When hiring PPC managers, assess these skills in your candidate.

Working Knowledge of Statistics

A PPC manager needs to be able to decipher the data. They should track impressions, clicks, click-through rates (CTRs), conversions, and other metrics for each advertisement they run. They must be skilled at rapidly analyzing these figures as a marketer with a focus on PPC and using the information to decide how to position your advertising.

Ad Copywriting Finesse

A successful PPC manager is successful when people click on their ads. This means they should be comfortable in writing calls to action and should also be able to tweak them if required.

They should also possess copywriting skills, have keyword knowledge, and ensure that their ad aligns with the landing page.

Familiarity with AdWords

Google AdWords has become the most popular paid advertising platform in the world. A PPC specialist should have a thorough knowledge of AdWords.

A proficient AdWord PPC manager should know how to choose the best keywords, how Google determines when to show your ad, how to place bids, and how to set up and manage campaigns and ad groups.

Mastery of Landing Pages

When a visitor clicks on your advertisement, where they "land" is just as crucial as the advertisement itself. Simply put, the content of your landing page needs to flow naturally from your ad copy. It's critical for your own marketing objectives, but it also has an impact on how frequently your ads are broadcast.

Design Ability

Your ads will need visual assets, regardless of the PPC advertising platform you choose (AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Because of this, it's crucial for a PPC manager to be aware of the specific design specifications for every platform as well as the tools that may be used to produce the best graphics. After all, a graphic designer might not always be available.

E-commerce Know-How

Online advertising and e-commerce are practically made for each other, so it’s critical to understand how to optimize PPC efforts for retail. Knowing which platforms are best fits (for example, Google Merchant Center vs. Amazon Advertising) and how to apply tracking to ads are just a couple of areas where a PPC manager should focus their time.

Knowledge of the Customer Journey

If a PPC manager doesn't understand the behaviors of their customers, then they won’t be able to create ads that get them to click. An efficient ad must build brand awareness, generate leads, or increase conversions, and organize your content around those goals.

Tips to Hire PPC Managers

Do your Research

Try looking for qualifications and testimonials of their prior work as part of the recruitment PPC guidance as these will demonstrate and support their success story. You'll be able to judge someone's work quality in digital marketing based on their prior work.

Look for any certifications the person may have, such as Google Ads certificates, as this can assist you to determine their degree of technical expertise.

Before making a choice, spend some time evaluating each applicant and solicit feedback. This will enable you to focus your search and identify candidates who are a good fit for your company.

Identify your Needs

PPC is an efficient way to reach your goals, whether you want to increase traffic and conversions or the online visibility of your business.

You must first be certain of your own objectives before you can inquire about how to get a PPC manager.

Consider what you require from a PPC advertising specialist:

  • Do you require assistance finding keywords?
  • Do you require assistance with planning?
  • Or do you require someone to oversee your entire campaign?

    The candidate will be able to develop their paid marketing strategy more precisely if you are clear about what you anticipate from them.

Compare your Options

It's not a good idea to hire the first professional you come across.

Make sure to speak with various Google AdWords experts to get a sense of their unique profiles and what they can offer you.

They may ask for different compensation depending on their level of expertise. Choose the candidate that fits your job role perfectly.



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