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The Coder’s favorite 5 HackerRank Alternatives

Published on October 7th, 2022


When there is a proven method that can reduce the turnover rates by 39% According to research by the Aberdeen Group, Wouldn’t you take it? Well, that’s the effect of skill-assessment platforms across different designations, and future-oriented players have made it a point to use them. HackerRank is one such solution and HackerRank interviews have caught the fancy of many hirers across corporates

It's not a surprise, especially if you are knee-deep into the workings and understanding of the pace of the corporate world that skill- assessment is the new norm for candidate selection. Even the world of coding is growing to be dependent on skill-based assessments and usually, there is one name that pops up rather frequently- HackerRank. The reason why they are one of the most sought-after solutions is HackerRank’s rating which is 4.5/5. These ratings are backed by

Hackerank’s features which are loved by customers as well. But, when pitted against sites similar to HackerRank, where do they stand? This is what we will attempt to answer here.

HackerRank specializes in programming competitions for both consumers and companies. Most of the programming challenges on HackerRank are divided into various key computer science fields, such as database administration, mathematics, and artificial intelligence, among other topics.

However, like every industry player, HackerRank competitors have placed themselves strategically providing more value for the investment put in by stakeholders. HackerRank alternatives primarily differ in pricing, overall reviews, testing processes, anti-cheating policies, as well as user and admin friendliness.

Here is a list of the top 5 HackerRank alternatives which companies can use based on their requirements on the metrics to test out potential candidates:

HackerRank pricing:
For a starting price of US$25 per month customers get 1 Admin Interviewer license which provides access to interviews and the standard content library.

1. HackerRank competitor: Mercer Mettl

Don’t be misled by the rating, and reviews of this Hackerrank alternative

Mercer Mettl prides itself as the world’s largest assessment technology provider. However, compared to HackerRank, Mercer Mettl Assessments rates 4.4/5 stars with 387 reviews, whereas, HackerRank’s rating cruises ahead with 4.5/5 stars with 270 reviews. Considering its world-famous status, this HackerRank competitor has been constantly under the grind to improve its services and the individual ratings, which will be discussed later, is a reflection of the same.

This HackerRank competitor offers customized pricing.

Both HackerRank and its alternative provide its customers with free trials, however, Mercer Mettl provides customized pricing whereas HackerRank’s starting price is US$25 per month for one user.

A mid-market-friendly HackerRank alternative.

Mercer Mettl Assessments are more frequently used by companies belonging to the mid-market category and HackerRank’s solutions are more suited for enterprises.

Content of the testing platform and ease of use is the highlight of this HackerRank competitor.

HackerRank is regarded to be easier to use and conduct business with when comparing it to the HackerRank alternative. However, the HackerRank competitors' simplicity of administration is liked more by companies than the former. Both assessment platforms are similarly simple to set up. The technical skills testing platform of HackerRank has an edge over its competitor but in terms of the content of the testing platform, this HackerRank alternative outruns the former.

Anti-cheating features of this HackerRank alternative are quite impressive.

The HackerRank alternative has a variety of techniques that can be applied while conducting an online exam, to prevent cheating by candidates during the exam, like private access to registered candidates, preventing candidates from navigating to other tabs during the assessment, blocking “Copy - Paste”, and other forms of malpractice

2. HackerRank competitor: HackerEarth:

An equalizer when it comes to rating, but this HackerRank alternative has more to offer statistically.

HackerRank and its competitor, HackerEarth are fighting neck to neck in terms of their rating, which is 4.5/5. However, HackerEarth has managed to get higher reviews than HackerEarth in many categories, making it the ideal HackerRank competitor.

This Hackerank competitor is on the pricier side, but…

HackerRank’s Pricing starts at $25 per month. It is also available for Enterprises as well. The HackerRank alternative is highly priced compared to the former. It is divided as per the size of the company. For startups, the remuneration is $119.00 for every 20 Test Invites Per Year and for Enterprises, it is $279.00 for every 50 Test Invites Per Year. This pretty much reasons why HackerRank is reviewed more (because it is used more) than the HackerRank competitor. But, that’s what we are here for! A deeper look will reveal that HackerEarth has more than what meets the eye.

Another mid-market-friendly Hackerank alternative.

HackerRank is widely used by Enterprises while HackerEarth is used by Mid-market companies. The pricing is also optimized accordingly.

Easier setup and administration along with a handful of extra features is the highlight of this HackerRank competitor.

The two assessment platforms are equally simple to use. HackerEarth, however, requires less setup and administration. Overall, reviewers find HackerEarth a better HackerRank alternative. In terms of technical testing platforms, HackerEarth is a few steps ahead of HackerRank, but both have a marginal difference when it comes to the content on the testing platforms. Although the HackerRank competitor offers a couple of additional functions for video interviewing software which isn’t present in HackerRank. These include features like mobility, messaging, task management, and a dashboard.

This HackerRank alternative has a premium set of the latest proctoring features.

This HackerRank alternative has a rather elaborate set of facilities when it comes to cheating and plagiarism. From disabling switching of tabs, disabling the copy and paste feature, and taking candidate snapshots, they have managed to cover a lot of the features that ensure a fair evaluation process.


3. HackerRank competitor: Codility

Better ratings and reviews, this HackerRank alternative has a thumbs up from the customer's end and they deliver as well.

With 270 reviews, HackerRank has a rating of 4.5/5. Codility has scored better than the former with 331 reviews and a rating of 4.6/5. It has been said on multiple platforms that Codility is better than HackerRank.

The pricey but noteworthy HackerRank competitor.

As the services are better, the pricing is just as high, as compared to HackerRank. The entry price of the HackerRank alternative is $500 a month while HackerRank costs $25 a month.

Here’s the third mid-market HackerRank alternative.

HackerRank is widely used by Enterprises while Codility is mostly used by mid-market companies.

This Hackerrank competitor strides ahead when it comes to ratings and quality of features.

Codility being rated better than HackerRank also shows how this HackerRank competitor has the edge over HackerRank in every aspect. Codility is easy to use, set up, and administrate. Overall, reviewers favor doing business with Codility over HackerRank.

Anti-cheating facilities of this HackerRank alternative are always updated.

The proctoring service offered by this HackerRank alternative won’t cease to amaze. They use their learnings to improve their cheating detection and protection to ensure companies can recruit with integrity. Codility has solid measures in place that tackle possible cheating or impersonation.

4. Hackerrank competitor: CodeSignal

Equal ratings but this Hackerank alternative is more popular among companies

CodeSignal has 556 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5. In contrast, the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform has 270 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5. This HackerRank competitor has better utility and is popular among companies.

A HackerRank alternative meant for small businesses

While HackerRank caters to Enterprises, CodeSignal is used by small businesses.

Customers love this HackerRank competitor.

CodeSignal was easier to use, configure, and manage, according to reviewers. Overall, reviewers said they enjoyed doing business with CodeSignal. In comparison to HackerRank, reviewers thought that the HackerRank alternative is better suited to their needs as a business. Both CodeSignal and HackerRank offer comparable degrees of ongoing product support. However, in terms of feature upgrades, HackerRank stands as a better option than CodeSignal.

There is no information about this HackerRank competitor’s proctoring services on their website

This HackerRank competitor doesn’t mention anything about its anti-cheating features on its website. However, there was an article that said that they have an automated proctor that monitors the test taker using screen-share and the computer's camera. Suspicious tests are forwarded to a human operator after flagging the same.

5. HackerRank competitor: iMocha

The ratings of this HackerRank alternative is 0.1 points lesser but there’s more than what meets the eye.

Going by ratings of iMocha, there is just a unit’s difference between HackerRank and the HackerRank alternative. iMocha has 184 reviews and a rating of 4.4/5. In contrast, HackerRank has 270 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5. The HackerRank competitor offers different pricing options depending on what the company intends to achieve.

Another HackerRank competitor meant for mid-level markets.

iMocha provides services to Mid-level business companies, whereas HackerRank offers services to Enterprises.

This HackerRank competitor offers better product support and is simpler to set up and manage.

HackerRank is said to be more user-friendly when comparing the two options. But iMocha is simpler to set up and manage. Overall, reviewers said they liked doing business with the HackerRank alternative. However, it is believed that iMocha does not adequately address the needs of their organization compared to HackerRank. Nevertheless, the HackerRank competitor is the best option when considering the quality of continuous product support.

The Hackerank competitor provides pictures as proof of any malpractice.

iMocha webcam proctoring turns on the candidate's webcam and snaps sporadic pictures of them throughout the test; the pictures are attached to the report. The camera proctoring technology will minimize cheating and aid in validating candidates' identities during the exam.

Well, Maybe you have all the right set of people for coding requirements, but it takes a visionary to understand that it takes a different mindset to curate skill assessments for non-technical assessments. That being said, there is a skill-based assessment for non-coding-based designations which is our best option yet.

HireQuotient: The best HackerRank alternative

The best HackerRank alternative when it comes to ratings and beyond.

According to reports, HireQuotient has outperformed HackerRank in terms of ratings at 4.9/5 with 45 reviews. This HackerRank competitor is priced based on one-time purchases. The packages are as follows:

- Rocketship: $1,000.00 for 100 candidates
- Early Stage: $200.00 for 10 candidates
- Growth: $500.00 for 50 candidates

The best HackerRank alternative for mid-market segments

HireQuotient is available to mid-market level companies while HackerRank caters to enterprises.

Why the best HackerRank alternative? Cause it trumps above HackerRank on all the metrics

HireQuotient is found to be simpler to use, set up, and administer when compared to HackerRank. Overall, reports say that companies enjoyed doing business with this HackerRank alternative. HireQuotient is the best choice when considering product support as well. The trajectory of this HackerRank competitor towers above that of HackerRank in multiple aspects. The HackerRank alternative helps to recruit resources for the exact skills required and performance is measured on quantifiable metrics The Hire quotient platform reduces the time to get hired using a data-driven hiring approach. The tests are designed to evaluate the candidates on multiple fronts. This allows us to definitively assess each candidate’s performance based on the answers they give to the questions posed.

The HackerRank competitor with the best proctoring tools

HireQuotient ensures that the scenarios and question types will be specifically relevant to the job role being tested for. This is done by tailoring evaluations to the requirements and context of each role. Furthermore, This HackerRank alternative works with the candidates to monitor the performance of different demographic cohorts in their assessments, including deep dives by question type to see if there are any patterns or disparities in performance that require further investigation. Based on the findings of these analyses, the assessments are tweaked to emphasize or avoid certain question types, or to weigh them differently in the final analysis.


HackerRank might be a good testing platform, but other platforms offer better features and facilities than the former. A detailed HackerRank evaluation would coax you to at least try out these other sites like HackerRank. What we provided here is just to spark this inquisitiveness to help you explore better choices. Companies need to use a testing platform for coding and non-coding skills that reflect what they want from their potential coders and hire the ones who could really prove to be a winner for the company. Well, that’s all we have for now. Which HackerRank alternative do you prefer?

HireQuotient is undoubtedly the best skill-based assessment platform for non-coding-related roles. We may sound biased, but feel free to take a look at the reviews provided by renowned sites. You can reach out to us and book a 15-minute demo and we will be more than happy to guide you to the most suitable option for your company.

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