Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice: Top Characteristics & Benefits

Published on January 7th, 2023


Becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’ is a race that every organization has become a part of.

Everybody is running incessantly to top the race.

But do they really know what it takes to become the “Employer of Choice”? Or What will it take to win that race?

Take a peek at this article that talks about the top characteristics and benefits of becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Focus on chiseling your organization to these characters and stop running without having any aim for your company.

What does Employer of Choice Mean?

Simply put, an employer of choice is a business that most applicants want to work for. Strong leadership, competitive pay, engaged employees, meaningful work, and desirable business culture are some of the qualities that distinguish employers of choice.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a preferred employer. While some characteristics may work for one company, they may not for the other. For example, Google has a huge employer brand and everybody wants to work for them. But someone who is used to working in a hierarchical setting will not fit in a flat organizational structure like Google.

An overriding idea to becoming an employer of choice is to become the greatest employer you can be for the kinds of employees you want to recruit.

Characteristics of Employer of Choice

1. Meaningful Work

Too much monotony in the workplace can lead to bored or apathetic workers, while too much difficulty can lead to stress and burnout.

It is therefore important to create a balance to enable the employees to reach their potential without stressing them too much.

Few tips

  • Develop job share and job rotation options.
  • Regularly put together cross-functional teams.
  • Develop committees for various projects and to solve problems.

2. Job Security

Employees are more likely to stick with an organization if they think they have job security. Employees who are in a stable position are more willing to take risks for the business and can focus on their primary responsibilities without distractions.

Employees expect their employer to be financially stable. Then they are no longer worried about losing their positions, and are free to concentrate on their objectives and core responsibilities.

3. Growth Opportunities

Employees frequently tend to quit an organization for growth opportunities. People want to advance in their careers, whether it means accepting a position with more responsibility or one that requires a new set of talents.

Spending money on employee development initiatives like training and conferences can increase retention and foster innovation. However, official initiatives like these aren't the only approach to support employees' development and success at work.

Give employees the option to participate in activities outside the scope of their regular responsibilities, such as giving presentations at corporate events, participating in focus groups, or participating in candidate interviews. All of these activities involve employees in ways other than those related to their primary job duties, strengthening their bonds with the organization and helping it become their employer of choice.

4. Compensation

The pay and benefits you provide are a must factor to take into account while trying to become an employer of choice. While creating a business culture is important, it is also important for employees to feel appreciated and valued, which is supported by a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Determine competitive packages for particular roles in the industry, and, if at all possible, provide ongoing incentives for reaching significant milestones. If your employee achieves company goals and increased profits, think about implementing a bonus program or regular salary increases. By maintaining fair compensation for a variety of roles, you establish a precedent within the job market.

5. Work-life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance like flexible working options are increasingly becoming popular with the employees. This allows the employees to focus on their work without being distracted by family and life events. Employee stress is reduced as a result of these measures, and employees are better able to deal with life's issues while at work.

The majority of employees desire a healthy work-life balance. Organizations are increasingly seeking to be more sympathetic to their employee's personal and family requirements. Flexible work hours, working from home, paid vacation, and/or additional paid leave are some of the techniques that may be used.

6. Appreciation & Recognition

It is important to thank your employees for their effort. Nobody wants to feel unappreciated or like when their efforts go unrecognized. Creating a robust performance management system can assist and ensure that your employees always feel valued and appreciated.

7. Leadership

Organizational leadership that can be trusted is highly regarded. When it comes to mission, vision, strategy, and decision-making, it establishes the tone for polite deliberation. When people believe their leaders will make wise business decisions and that the work being done has a purpose, employees feel safe.

8. Fairness

People are quite astute when it comes to fairness, and they bend toward jobs where they believe equity is a strongly held value. Favoritism and practices that don't apply to everyone equally cause a lot of strife and force good employees to leave an organization. By paying attention to both, you will create a much healthier and stronger environment.

9. Empowerment

Employees want to be trusted to take responsibility for how they accomplish their work and to have an impact on how work is generally done. They also want to be involved in decision-making. People feel stuck at work with no room to develop themselves because of things like bureaucracy and micromanagement. On a regular basis, look for opportunities to involve people in important and minor decisions.

10.Enjoying at Work

People want to enjoy their jobs more than just fit in. They frequently spend upwards of eight hours a day with their coworkers, therefore it's critical that the culture and environment allow for happiness and celebration. The workplace is a lot more enjoyable and stress-free when you feel like you work with friends every day, which allows for great conversations, problem solving, and synergy.

Benefits of being an Employer of Choice

Earning the “Employer of choice” badge is cherry on top for companies. It adds an extra elegance and social proof to your organization that attracts, recruits and retains top candidates. Here are some benefits of being an employer of choice.

1. Easier Recruitment

It can be challenging to find qualified candidates for senior positions or more specialized positions at times. It is simpler to convince top talent to join your organization and contribute their abilities to your larger aims when you adopt a good employee experience and run a seamless recruitment process using pre-employment assessments. This is especially true for a company that wants to increase employee brand advocacy.

2.Increased Productivity

Building a more engaged, happier team is a beneficial byproduct of becoming an employer of choice. A happy staff is more likely to produce an output that is more effective and efficient, directly increasing your production. A more knowledgeable group of top managers will increase the likelihood that the organization will acquire a variety of abilities, opening up new chances and producing better outcomes. A key indicator of corporate success is productivity, which is necessary if you want to reach certain long-term goals.

3.Higher Retention Rate

Workers at employer-of-choice organizations are engaged in their jobs and feel invested in the company’s success, which breeds loyalty. That sense of loyalty and connection to their employer means they’re less likely to jump ship than someone who’s disengaged with their work.

Final Thoughts

Getting featured as the employer of choice will give your business an edge and put you in the driver’s seat for sourcing, recruiting, and retaining the top talent for your organization.

Showcasing your employer of choice badge on your website is solid social proof to attract and engage candidates.

This is your cue to start working towards building your organization such that it bags an “Employer of Choice” award in 2023!



Radhika Sarraf

Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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