The Ultimate List of Best Candidate Sourcing Channels

Published on January 8th, 2023


In today's dynamic job market, a significant 73% of the global workforce comprises passive candidates — who are not actively in pursuit of new job opportunities. But what makes this group intriguing is their willingness to engage in discussions about potential job offers and opportunities. In the realm of talent acquisition, navigating candidate sourcing channels becomes crucial for recruiters seeking to connect with this untapped talent pool. 

With such mind-boggling statistics, it falls on the shoulders of a recruiter to find out the best candidate (be it a passive one) for their company who is always on their A-game to strengthen your business. This might sound like an easy job but it takes a hell lot of planning and targeting to reach out to these candidates and get a reply for them.

Apart from all this effort, it is painstakingly difficult for recruiters, or better, sourcers, to find the correct channels where they can source such candidates and make the entire process seamless. Thus, let’s explore effective strategies and various candidate sourcing channels that play a pivotal role in successful talent acquisition endeavors.

Note: Candidate sourcing is a rigmarole that includes proper research to identify culturally fit and highly skilled candidates who can fulfill a given job role.

AI-based talent sourcing software

AI-based talent sourcing software, uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to streamline the candidate sourcing process. This software sifts through vast pools of candidate data, including resumes, online profiles, and job preferences, to identify individuals who closely match the requirements of the job opening. By automating candidate discovery and assessment, AI-based sourcing tools significantly reduce the time and effort required to find qualified candidates. Moreover, they enhance the accuracy of candidate selection by analyzing various factors beyond keyword matching, such as skills, experience, and cultural fit. Ultimately, AI-powered talent sourcing software enables recruiters to identify top talent efficiently and effectively, saving both time and resources in the recruitment process.

Job Boards

Let’s start with the most obvious sourcing channels in talent acquisition. Online job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, and Indeed have millions of registered job-seekers, which makes it safe to assume that they are very active users of such job boards. Posting your job advert on such platforms can increase the chances of your ad visibility and you can attract the best talent. After all, more than 41 million people search for jobs and are recruited into jobs every single year, and 60% of those job seekers begin their job hunt via online job boards. And to add to your job advert, you can follow these tips to make it appealing and magnet-like.

- Add a catchy first line

- Be a human and add some emotional quotient to your advertisement

- Sell the position by offering handsome packages along with perks and benefits

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Social Media

Social media can improve the networking and referral channels you use to find candidates. It is a very significant asset in your effort to market your job openings to passive candidates. It is also the primary method by which you will expand your network and make your job openings known to a larger group of passive applicants. The power of social media is huge, therefore you are surely losing out if you aren't using it to publicize your job openings. The process of finding candidates through social media is called social sourcing. Its major goal is to spread the word about your openings outside websites where candidates are actively looking for work and to increase your visibility to potential prospects.

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Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are still considered to be one of the best candidate-sourcing channels. This is so because your employees will only recommend individuals they would like to work with and who they are confident would fit in with the rest of the organization. In addition, who would risk their career to recommend a dud hire? And you, the business? Why is a referral from a coworker so great? Because they are straight offered to you, you don't have to spend time or money looking for that elusive outstanding applicant. 

The power of referrals is never going to get replaced by the internet. It might be making things easier for sourcing candidates. According to recent data, 30% to 50% of positions are currently filled through referrals. There is an argument to be made that referrals are the best source of hiring, especially because the internet is fostering interpersonal networks that are larger than ever before.

Career Page

The career page of a company’s website is vital in attracting candidates and encouraging professionals to apply for open opportunities. The official website of a business serves as a potent marketing tool and enhances the employer's brand. It is frequently the initial online job posting site used by a business. Posting job vacancies on career pages is an inexpensive and efficient method to attract candidates. When they come across any job openings, the majority of job seekers initially look at the company's career page.

A website gives the organization more credibility and is an effective digital tool for recruiting new employers and customers. An effective internet sourcing tool is a company website that has been optimized for SEO. When the job title and description match a potential candidate's employment search, it directs candidates straight to the job openings published on the website. You can also integrate your career page with ATS and CRM which will funnel all the candidates through one single tool and provide you with a seamless experience of candidate sourcing.

Industry-specific Platforms

Don’t confine candidate sourcing by putting job listings only on job boards and other social media platforms. Tons of industry-specific platforms have your ideal candidate waiting for you to reach out. Here are some examples of those industry-specific platforms. GitHub, Stack Overflow, Women Who Code, and HackerEarth are some tech-specific platforms that can help you source the best techie out there. Upwork is a platform that lets you source freelancers from every field. Dribbble and Behance are design-specific platforms where you can source candidates for your creative teams.

Corporate Events

You can meet more applicants by hosting your meetups, going to business conferences, and industry-specific events. Social gatherings provide chances to expand your network, magnify interactions with exceptional individuals, and find new candidates. Social networking gatherings, whether official or informal, offer a fantastic setting to meet potential candidates. Industry gatherings are teeming with enthusiastic individuals eager to connect and network with like-minded individuals. By making a strong impression as employers at these gatherings, you will have an easier time luring candidates to your company. Candidates who have interacted with you directly at such events are more likely to reply to your follow-up emails. By reviewing the guest list in advance so you know who you need to engage with, you can make the most of these gatherings. You might ask other company representatives attending these events to keep an eye out for deserving applicants as well.

Offline Channels

Job fairs are a great example of an offline candidate sourcing channel that is quite helpful in accelerating your hiring process. Recruiters might meet potential candidates in person at physical events and fairs hosted by colleges or corporate organizations. Physical contact increases engagement and fosters positive working connections between job seekers and companies. 22% of Americans do not use the internet. This leaves us with about 70 million people who cannot be contacted via online digital channels. 

Thus, to find the right talent through candidate sourcing channels in the talent acquisition process, using some offline advertising tactics like the classic tri-media, TV, radio, and newspaper is effective. Additionally, regional and local offline media outlets have a significant local audience and can be useful recruiting resources. Targeting applicants for regional recruiting through offline advertising is an extremely effective method.

Final Thoughts

Candidate sourcing can be a headache and if you are a recruiter you very well understand the outcomes of candidate sourcing. You can try these candidate sourcing channels for yourself and if not satisfied, you can always turn to services that can do this task for you. 

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