Brand manager vs Product Manager

Brand manager vs Product Manager

Published on October 6th, 2023

Brand managers and product managers are both critical roles in the business world, but they serve different functions and have distinct responsibilities. To help you grasp the disparities between these roles, we'll delve into what each role entails and how they contribute to a company's success.

Brand Manager:

  • Focus: Brand managers concentrate on a company's brand and its perception in the market.
  • Responsibilities: They are responsible for brand development, promotion, and maintaining a consistent brand image.
  • Tasks: Brand strategy, advertising campaigns, public relations, and ensuring brand values align with the company's goals.
  • Primary Goal: To enhance brand equity and recognition.

Product Manager:

  • Focus: Product managers center their efforts on the company's products or services.
  • Responsibilities: They manage the entire lifecycle of a product, from development to launch and beyond.
  • Tasks: Market research, product development, pricing, and ensuring the product meets customer needs.
  • Primary Goal: To create successful products that meet market demands.

While both roles collaborate closely in many organizations, the core difference lies in their primary areas of concentration: brand for brand managers and product for product managers. Understanding these distinctions is crucial when building a successful team and executing strategic initiatives.

Comparing Brand Managers and Product Managers (Brand manager vs Product Manager) 


Brand Manager

Product Manager

Role FocusBrand development, image, and reputationProduct development and success
Primary ResponsibilitiesBrand development, consistency, and promotionProduct lifecycle management
Key TasksBrand strategy, advertising, public relationsMarket research, product development
Main GoalEnhance brand equity, recognition, perceptionCreate successful products
CollaborationMarketing, advertising, PR teamsCross-functional teams
KPIs and MetricsBrand-related KPIs like awareness, sentimentProduct-specific metrics
Decision-MakingBrand positioning, messaging, strategiesProduct features, pricing, development
Customer InteractionIndirect through marketing campaignsDirect engagement, customer feedback
InnovationInnovates in brand perception, messagingInnovates by creating/enhancing products
ScopeBroad brand image and perceptionSpecific products within the brand




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