Best Remote Hiring Software to Consider in 2023

Best Remote Hiring Software to Consider in 2023

Published on February 4th, 2023


With the rise of remote working, companies are looking for new ways to hire and manage their remote employees. Remote hiring software provides an efficient way to do this. It helps companies find the right talent and onboard them quickly. Why consider remote hiring software? The first and most important factor is automation! Hiring software help in reducing the time and cost associated with recruitment. It streamlines the process and helps find your purple squirrels. It also provides a better candidate experience and helps stay compliant with laws and regulations related to hiring. In this article, we will look at some of the best remote hiring software available in 2023 and discuss their features, pricing, and use cases.

How to choose the best remote hiring software?

Before looking at the best remote hiring software, let’s see what determines it to be the best. If you have the right tools, you can hire the purple squirrels, eventhough you are not a recruiter. Set your organization’s goal before you separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are the features of the tool that you should be looking out for!


The tool should be user friendly with the perfect user interface. The more easier the tool is to use, the better will be your experience of hiring with the aid of the tool. You should be able to easily access to all it’s functionalities. It should make your job a lot more easier, not complicated!


The candidates should get an idea of what your organization is, even at the beginning of the recruitment process. Thus, the entire process should be customised according to your company’s style and requirements. It should follow your brand guidelines and resonate your brand to the candidates.


The pricing should be affordable so that you don’t have to compromise on your business growth, seeking help from a hiring software. Before you start using or subscribing to the tool, make sure that it suits your company’s budget.


The remote hiring software that you use should integrate with other virtual softwares and tools that you use for various purposes, like message platform, video assessment tools, etc.

Best Remote Hiring Software You Should Try


Homerun is a tool that helps you organize your hiring process better. You don’t have to use cluttered emails and boring spreadsheets anymore. With Homerun, you can keep track of all your recruitment  data at one place. It acts like a centralized dashboard for all your job openings. It tells you the stage and status of each and every candidate making the process of remote hiring a smooth sail. You can also create fully customised application forms with them and show a touch of your brand while hiring. It helps to keep all the required documents intact and collect necessary information from the candidates at the right time without leaving gaps for any confusion.

The platform also takes care of all the communication that should be sent out to the candidates, while in the process of recruitment. Emails, notifications and such important information to be passed on will be taken care of with automated services. It acts as a bridge between your company, hiring team and the candidates by sharing notes, to-dos and reminders. Homerun also extends help in creating customised career pages and job posts that will show the candidates what your organization is as a brand! However, at HireQuotient we have the best JD generator for free. Do give it a try!


It is the best remote hiring software for data-backed candidate search. They offer over 50 categories of job roles designed specifically for remote workers in different stages of their career. Starting in 2007, they offer freelance, full-time and part-time job openings for candidates. You can seek the help of FlexJobs if you are looking to hire fore remote jobs. This platform thoroughly screens all the job descriptions before it is posted for the candidates. With them, you have the option to post ads for unlimited job openings for an affordable price. They charge 399 dollars per month to 2999 dollars per year, at an average.

FlexJobs integrate ATS to streamline their job posts and find the candidates that best suit your organizatio. They constantly monitor candidate activity and check data reports for number of views, volume of applicants, application, trends and other statistics. However, their services are limited when compared to HireQuotient, where we corner the market with a wide range of hiring services at a very affordable price.


Hirevue is a popular virtual interviewing platform that can be used by staffing firms and clients to assess job applicants. It helps recruiters review more candidates in less time and also allows them to use their own overall hiring process. Hirevue recruitment software is designed to help both employers and candidates during the interview process. It gives employers tools such as interviews, games that can help them showcase the talent of potential employees and also assess their capacity for the job. By using Hirevue, recruiters can save time while delivering quality candidates to their clients.

Hirevue's video interviews help employers to conduct initial job interviews faster and much more efficiently. Use of video interviewing software makes the recruitment process simpler, as employers can interview much higher volumes of candidates in a shorter amount of time. Myinterviews recruitment software also helps to streamline the hiring process, allowing recruiters to assess candidates quickly, saving them time and money. With this video software, employers can now interview for jobs and internships with greater volume and speed than ever before.

They provide pre-screening, video assessments, and performance auto grading for candidates. We, HireQuotient, also provides these hiring services along with added points  scenario simulations, and detailed skills report. This is why you should choose HireQuotient over Hirevue.

In a nutshell, there are a lot of advantages of using video interview software to streamline the recruitment process. These platforms allow for faster interviewing of a large number of candidates, and can provide deeper insights into candidates than traditional interviews. Video interview software can streamline the HR managers’ hiring process by helping to save time and effort. This is done by allowing employers to quickly get to know potential candidates from anywhere in the world. It also helps recruiters who are time-constrained to quickly screen applicants. Video interviewing software platforms also give hiring managers the convenience of interviewing candidates remotely, which can help them recruit better talent more efficiently.

With the help of best remote hiring software, businesses can reshape their remote work culture and make their consultancy remote. The fully remote hiring model allows the process be hassle-free. Remote HR software is also ideal for tracking analytics on employee performance as well as creating job descriptions for ideal remote positions. In addition, it can help recruiters in finding analysts cybersecurity positions and scientists software engineers who are qualified to fill online job search sites such as Data Scientists and Developer Jobs. Rounding out the HR consultancy with talent acquisition tools, companies can gain access to a larger pool of potential workers while also better managing the time it takes employees to complete tasks.

Why Choose HireQuotient over all of the Options Above?

HireQuotient is a SaaS platform that provides recruitment and hiring solutions for businesses. Unlike the other remote hiring software, we offer a wide range of services including assessment tools, training, and consulting to help organizations improve their hiring process and identify the best candidates for open positions. Our assessment tools include cognitive and behavioural assessments, as well as tools that measure an applicant’s “hireability quotient” which is a score that predicts an applicant’s likelihood of success in a specific role. HireQuotient’s platform is designed to help organizations make data-driven hiring decisions, reduce time-to-fill, and increase the quality of hires.

HireQuotient is a company that provides a variety of recruiting and hiring solutions for businesses. Some of the features that may set it apart from its competitors include its focus on using data and analytics toinform the hiring process, its ability to help companies buid and maintain diverse candidate pipelines, and its emphasis on providing a positive candidate experience. Additionally HireQuotient’s platform may offer a more comprehensive set of tools than other providers, such as support for background checks, automated interview scheduling, and employee referral tracking. Ultimately, the best way to determine whether HireQuotient is a good fit for your company would be to compare it to other providers and it’s sure that you will find services that best meet your needs in HireQuotient’s platform.

We provide services at an affordable base rate as compared to our competitors. For example, when compared to Hirevue, we have added services like competency-based job simulation, detailed report with question suggestion to be asked in the next round, fully customized to each role, self-service and tools like job description generator. But still, the base rate we offer is 500 dollars as compared to Hirevue’s base rate 35000 dollars. Now you know why you should choose us over any other remote hiring software. To know more, get on call with our experts now or drop a mail at



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