Account Management Jobs Near Me - How to Source Candidates

Account Management Jobs Near Me - How to Source Candidates?

Published on May 1st, 2023




Are you struggling to find qualified candidates for your open account management positions? With so many job search sites and platforms available, it can be challenging to know where to focus your recruitment efforts. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best ways to source candidates for account management jobs near you. From leveraging social media to tapping into local networks, we have you covered.

List of “Account Management Jobs Near Me”

1. Account Manager - US LBM

Establishes productive, professional relationships with key personnel within assigned customer accounts

2. EAP Account Manager II - Elevance Health

The EAP Account Manager II is responsible for managing an assigned book of EAP business that includes large complex clients and International customers and provide planning and strategy for the execution of marketing/sales activities in assigned geographic area and market segment

3. Sr Technical Account Manager - Cloud Software Group

In addition, we strive to enable and empower our customers to be confident and competent with our solutions so that they remain committed to Citrix as a strategic vender, driving further adoption and expansion of their Citrix solutions and strengthening our partnerships

4. Account Manager - ABM

The Account Manager, Operations will assume ownership for contracted services at a building or campus and will lead operational and administrative activities while maintaining effective cost control measures

5. Strategic Account Manager - Total Safety U.S., Inc.

The Strategic Account Manager (SAM) serves as the primary organizational sales representative to the assigned Strategic Accounts (owner accounts) in their region.

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 Tips to Source Candidates

1. Utilize Social Media Platforms:

Social media is an excellent tool for recruiting candidates, especially for account management jobs. LinkedIn is a vital resource for recruiters and is the world's largest professional networking site that boasts over 740 million users globally. With LinkedIn, you have access to an extensive pool of potential candidates, and you can filter your search based on your location and industry. You can also post job vacancies on your company page or within appropriate LinkedIn groups.

2. Target Local Networking Events:

Attending local networking events may take time, but it's a great option to connect and network with job seekers face-to-face. Make sure to prepare a few business cards and be ready to talk about your job openings and your company's culture. Don't be afraid to ask attendees if they know of someone who would be a good fit for the job you're hiring for.

3. Tap into Referral Networks:

Referral networks are invaluable and can be the best source of recruitment for account management jobs. Ask your current employees to refer someone they know or have worked with in the past who would be a great fit for the role. You can incentivize your employees to participate and reward them if they refer someone who gets hired.

4. Post Job Vacancies on Niche Job Boards:

Niche job boards cater to specific industries, and posting job openings on such platforms for account management jobs can increase your chances of attracting top talent. Sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter all offer a wide range of job postings and can help you reach a more specific audience.

5. Make Use of Recruiting Agencies:

If you're looking to streamline the hiring process, it's worth considering partnering with a recruiting agency that specializes in the account management field. Agencies have access to a wide range of candidates and can take care of the screening and interviewing process for you, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

6. Use EasySource

Recruiters often face difficulties when it comes to finding top talent. However, the market offers several tools that can aid in locating qualified candidates. EasySource is one such tool, specifically designed to assist recruiters in identifying sales and marketing professionals in the United States.

EasySource streamlines the recruitment process by providing recruiters with a user-friendly platform that allows them to search for candidates effortlessly. Through the integration of ChatGPT, recruiters can send highly personalized messages to potential candidates across various channels such as email and LinkedIn. This significantly enhances the chances of candidate engagement.

Furthermore, EasySource enables recruiters to establish a relevant candidate pool and prioritize individuals based on their qualifications, experience, and skill sets. This efficient process empowers recruiters to swiftly and effectively identify the most suitable candidates for a given position. Additionally, EasySource offers advanced analytics capabilities that allow recruiters to track the efficacy of their recruiting endeavors. By making data-driven decisions, recruiters can continuously improve their recruitment strategies.

To summarize, by leveraging a talent sourcing tool like EasySource, recruiters can simplify their recruitment process, enhance candidate engagement, and ultimately locate top talent with greater efficiency.


Sourcing candidates for account management jobs near you is not always an easy task. However, utilizing social media platforms, attending local networking events, tapping into referral networks, posting job vacancies on niche job boards, and partnering with recruiting agencies can all be effective strategies to find the right candidate. To ensure that your recruitment efforts are successful, it's essential to have a clear and accurate job description outlining the qualifications required and the responsibilities of the role. Happy hiring!




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