How Attorney Assistant was able to make 150+ offers in just a year using HireQuotient’s sourcing &
screening solution

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Region :
US (Hiring in LATAM)

Industry :
Legal & Admin

Use Case :
Solving for their remote hiring on a rolling basis


Attorney Assistant first partnered with HireQuotient in December 2022, and at that time it was also known as Turn Key Ops. They provide virtual assistants exclusively for US law firms, and they outsource getting skilled candidates from HireQuotient. Cut to one year, HireQuotient is managing sourcing, skill testing and scheduling interviews for one of their most difficult rolling recruitment roles.



Hiring for virtual assistants can often become difficult, especially for remote hiring. Combine this with language considerations and bilingual requirements. It was not only very time-consuming for the team to find candidates in the LATAM region, but it was also becoming increasingly difficult to find candidates who werebilingual and skilled for a legal VA at the same time.


Strategy & Implementation

We started with identifying more about our target candidate pool in the LATAM region - how do candidates look for jobs, what is the best mode of outreach, how should the outreach emails be prepared etc. Parallely, our expert content team designed a skill assessment that will be able to capture the skills of the candidates perfectly in just 20-25 minutes. Understanding the demographic characteristics, and ensuring the questions are designed to suit it was a challenge, but it was very beautifully implemented. It was topped up with a 5 minute video recording section to screen the bilingual fluency of candidates. 

Over months, together we understood that employer branding would play a huge role in ensuring that during the interview process and later the onboarding/ training stage, candidates stay connected with the company. We introduced an employer brand video in every outreach and assessment, where the COO of Attorney Assistant helped candidates understand more about their culture, work, and what to expect in the hiring process. That proved to be a game changer, improving the interview show rate by ~40%.

To summarise, our 4 step solution is ensuring that Attorney Assistant is able to hire their rockstar VAs:


Helping them to keep the candidate pipeline engaged and attract a solid pool of bilingual candidates


Ensuring the candidates who go to Attorney Assistant are skilled to do the job, as well as have the required language proficiency

Employer Branding

Ensuring that show rates in the interview and final offer acceptance rate is very high

Interview Scheduling

so that the recruiters at Attorney Assistant can just look at their calendars every morning for the interviews, along with their CVs and skill reports. Yes - nothing to be done before that!


It’s been more than a year long partnership with very promising results. Even in such a niche role, Attorney Assistant has been able to make offers to 150+ candidates in one year.


offers made in last one year


increase in interview show rate, via employer branding & hiring process optimisation


net satisfaction score

James DiBitetto

My team and I have been working with HireQuotient for over a year now. Using their state of the art sourcing ability and holistic candidate assessment process, we have been able to find extremely strong bilingual candidates across the LATAM region for virtual roles at US-based law firms. What has stood out to me the most about HireQuotient is their flexibility and desire to improve as our campaign together has evolved.

When we were seeing a slight dip in interview show rate, HireQuotient came to us with a series of potential solutions that could help address the problem. Now, we have a customized video intro that ensures candidates get to know about our firm very early on in the hiring process. We’ve also worked with HireQuotient to develop a candidate tracker that allows both of our companies to work together to remind candidates about interviews and follow up with them as needed - something my team is able to work directly with HireQuotient for, not relying heavily on my time and attention. I am excited to continue our partnership with HireQuotient and look forward to more positive results.

James DiBitetto

President & COO - Attorney Assistant LLC

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