Susan (Margolis) Graye

Global Director Talent Acquisition @ Vontier

Unveiling Excellence: Susan Graye - Orchestrating HR's Future with Vision and Heart

In the realm of Human Resources, there exists a select group of leaders who transcend convention, and Susan Graye stands firmly at the forefront. Her journey through the world of talent acquisition is not just a career; it's a testament to unyielding dedication, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of change. Right from the aspect of molding herself by staying active, constantly learning new things, and immersing herself in the arts, she sets herself a league apart from the rest by attempting to get to the depth of human experiences.  As a traveler who longs to see the world through another's eyes, and also a family woman who understands her role as mother, daughter, and a member of a large family; Her empathic outlook has pushed her to understand the depth of human connections, which pours over into every aspect of the work she does. Buckle up as we take a look into Susan Graye's remarkable journey that continues to inspire with its unwavering energy and vision.
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Susan Graye is a dynamic leader in the world of talent acquisition and recruitment, with a career spanning several decades. Her journey began with her role as an Executive at Susan Graye Executive Recruiters, where she crafted visionary consultative technology sales recruiting strategies. She built enduring relationships with top technology firms and sales talent, leaving an indelible mark in the industry. Susan's remarkable achievements continued during her 15-year tenure at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she excelled as a Global Talent Attraction and Acquisition professional. Her innovative strategies for sourcing, recruiting, and developing careers drove corporate success and earned her numerous accolades. She then ventured into self-employment at Susan Graye Executive Recruiters, where she brought her expertise in technology, inclusion and diversity, candidate engagement, and talent pipelining to global clients. Susan's dedication to excellence and her passion for fostering inclusion and diversity have been the cornerstones of her illustrious career.

In her current role as the Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Vontier Corporation, Susan continues to be a force of positive change, driving innovation in the fields of mobility, smarter cities, and the Internet of Things. Her skills in talent acquisition, applicant tracking systems, and employment branding are shaping the future of these industries. Beyond her professional achievements, Susan is equally committed to giving back to her community through her extensive volunteer work, supporting organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and many more. Susan Graye is a true visionary whose career exemplifies excellence, leadership, and a profound dedication to making a difference in both the corporate world and the lives of those she serves.

Reading between resume lines

Susan's voyage is nothing short of spectacular. From her early days at Susan Graye Executive Recruiters to her monumental 15-year tenure at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Susan has been a maverick in the realm of talent acquisition. When it comes to assessing candidates with a history of frequent job changes, her approach is as insightful as it is perceptive. 

"Understanding what they accomplished in each role, the breadth of their responsibilities, and a direct conversation to grasp the 'why' behind their career moves are key." 

Susan recognizes that career transitions can be strategic chess moves or responses to industry dynamics. It's about deciphering the narrative behind the CV.

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The Kaleidoscopic maestro that champions transformation

In Susan's world, innovation is the name of the game. She doesn't just think outside the box; she reimagines it entirely. To attract and engage a diverse pool of talent, Susan deploys a kaleidoscope of techniques. 

"We cast a wide net using various channels, and with tools like LinkedIn Talent Insights, we gain unparalleled insights into market trends and the nomenclature employed by different employers for similar skill sets." 

Her approach exemplifies agility and inventiveness. An not to mention, she also has a keen eye to deal with challenges by presenting innovative solutions. Two defining challenges in Talent acquisition involve sculpting precise job roles and tailoring approaches to suit different talent pools.

"Position scoping must harmonize with a company's needs, and distinguishing between trainable skills and non-negotiable expertise is paramount." 

Susan likens her role to that of a talent scout for a sports franchise, advocating for diversity and innovation in team composition. Susan likens her role to that of a talent scout for a sports franchise, advocating for diversity and innovation in team composition. Susan’s efforts are fuelled by her passion for life, be it celebrating a birthday with a close friend or involving herself in movements like, ‘5k to Stand up for Cancer’. She motivates her team to go beyond professional walls and seek meaning in the power of giving. Being a leader, she drives and motivates by living as an example by winning best dancer at events like the Vontier Leadership Conference and constantly challenging herself within and beyond the office walls. 

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A Journey of Impact and Wisdom Shaping Individual Destinies

Looking back, Susan's advice to budding HR professionals is a beacon of wisdom: ask insightful questions, listen intently, and remain an eternal student of your craft. "The HR industry is in a state of rapid evolution. It's crucial to stay informed about its trajectory, and successful strategies, and to build a network of peers who are driving tangible change. And above all, maintain patience and resilience." Her words resonate with an infectious enthusiasm that defines her career.

Susan's personal mission as an HR leader is profound: 

"Embrace change, foster innovation, and avoid making hasty assumptions. HR holds the power to shape individual destinies, one person at a time." 

Her proudest achievement, co-piloting an award-winning Veteran Program and the Home of the Brave initiative at Hewlett Packard, embodies this commitment. "I wholeheartedly believe in our mission and values, and the work we do to create a better world."

Susan Graye isn't just an HR luminary; she's a thought provocateur, an avant-garde trailblazer, and an indomitable agent of positive transformation in the HR community. Her story transcends repetition and resonates anew with every read. Susan Graye's narrative is a testament to boundless leadership potential in the sphere of Human Resources, where the pursuit of excellence is unwavering, the future is ripe with possibilities, and change is the only constant.