Sarah Marawi

Head of People at Yes Hearing

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” These are the words attributed to Peter Drucker, one of the most influential thinkers on management. 

Sarah Marawi, the Head of People at ‘Yes Hearing’, has managed to understand this piece of brilliance from every perspective. As someone with over 12 years of experience in the field of managing people, her path is one forged by years of persistent honing of methodologies and skill sets that can invent and reinvent job spaces to create sustainable business ecosystems. Here is how she maintains a perfect balance and harmony in an organization.

“How I see my role, is to act as a bridge between the employee and organization to ensure both can find a path that is mutually beneficial.” 

Her mission is also to help startups optimize their workforce and talents, and she puts every bit of her accumulated knowledge toward this greater purpose.

Although Sarah has managed to find a formula that works best for her, the biggest challenge she still faces is engaging qualified applicants and hiring them quickly before they slip away. So how does she do that? 

We asked Sarah how she assesses her candidates and if there is a method that she uses. She says that assessing a candidate based on a scoreboard of competencies for the role is an effective way to find the perfect fit for the organization. She also believes that this is an effective way to assess the competencies of an employee without compromising on a fixed methodology she deploys in fetching the best talent.  Through this, Sarah Marawi has managed to reduce mishire-related issues to a minimum of 10% thanks to her understanding of the hiring world and the realization of the impact they have on companies. 

When it comes to a well-balanced professional ecosystem, inclusivity, equality and diversity are other ways she aims to attempt to build a safer company culture. Through this she was able to create a flexible system that allows unconscious biases. This is what she believes makes life easier and hiring much more efficient for TA specialists and HR leaders while hiring talent. 

Now how does Sarah manage to keep track of all the fresh talent coming her way? Well when it comes to technology, it is a bare essential for Sarah. She makes it a point to use ATS systems to track applicants from various sources and channels. She says 

“I use ATS to track applicants from different sources and track scoring of applicants using technology. It allows me to use a dashboard that looks at key metrics allowing me to understand where processes might need to be changed.”  

This way she is able to strategize and  understand the processes that need a little tweaking. .

While building sustainable business ecosystems, she forged herself in the hiring space by braving multiple challenges in numerous forms. 

"I have come across multiple challenges such as unequal pay, bias, a lack of support, and so on. The only thing I would have wished for was an opportunity or understanding of the need for a strong mentor early on." Having faced these turmoils, and braved them, her advice for upcoming leaders of tomorrow would be to "persevere and take up as much space as you need."

Sarah Marawi perseveres as a visionary in her field by being the helping hand to up-and-coming visionaries as she has acclimatized herself as a force that helps companies that need her expertise the most. 

“I have come across multiple challenges such as unequal pay, bias, a lack of support and so on. The only thing I would have wished for was an opportunity or understanding of the need for a strong mentor early on.

In the words of Sidney Blackstone “The flood of sounds, noises, and voices which suddenly break into the consciousness of the person who has not heard them for years is very much like the first impact of direct sunlight on a person who has lived in a dungeon.”