Jennifer McClure

CEO of Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR

Jennifer McClure: Pioneering Excellence in HR Leadership

In the ever-shifting terrain of human resources, Jennifer McClure shines as a vibrant force of innovation and impact. With a dynamic career weaving through diverse leadership roles, she has relentlessly shattered the confines of traditional HR practices, emerging as a trailblazing visionary who ignites the HR community to seize transformation and mold the destiny of work. Jennifer exudes an unparalleled fusion of mastery, fervor, and foresight. In this exclusive dialogue, we plunge into her revelations, hurdles, and pearls of wisdom that have chiseled her extraordinary odyssey.

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Jennifer McClure's remarkable career spanning over 13 years as the Founder and CEO of Unbridled Talent LLC has been a beacon of innovation, guiding businesses and leaders through the intricacies of leadership, executive communication, and talent strategy. Simultaneously, her role as CEO and Chief Excitement Officer of DisruptHR LLC has revolutionized HR by championing disruptive ideas and unconventional thinking. As a Board Member of the Defense Business Board and a Member of the Board of Advisors for, Jennifer's influence extends far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on talent strategy, organizational growth, and professional advancement. From cultural turnarounds to transformative leadership, Jennifer's journey embodies change, pushing boundaries, and reshaping the future of HR and leadership with each step.

Unearthing the truest self

Jennifer McClure's astute approach to assessing candidates with multiple job changes on their CVs encapsulates her commitment to understanding the full story behind the career transitions. She believes that transparency is key. When evaluating candidates, she endeavors to comprehend whether these changes were driven by growth opportunities, lack of alignment, or unhappiness with previous roles. The importance of authentic communication is highlighted, as she anticipates candidates providing explanations in their resumes or cover letters. The interview process becomes the arena where candidates can elaborate on their journey, ensuring a positive and honest narrative that aligns with the potential role.

She also derives her sense of peace and gratitude from her love of traveling and riding horses in her spare time. The clarity of her thought processes finds its roots in her detachment from work and in finding peace in activities outside her workspace. 

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Diversity cultivated through Authenticity

Diversity is not a buzzword for Jennifer; it's a fundamental principle that shapes her talent acquisition strategy. Her approach to attracting and engaging diverse talent is rooted in authenticity. Instead of chasing innovative techniques, she emphasizes the power of showcasing a company's values and culture. Representational leadership and a commitment to diversity in all aspects of the organization speak volumes to potential candidates. 

“I believe that diverse candidates want to see representation among the company's leadership, and they also want to see that the company values diversity and shows that in their business activities, goals and organizational priorities.”

Jennifer's philosophy echoes the idea that diversity and inclusion should be an intrinsic part of an organization's DNA, reflected in its actions, goals, and priorities. This genuine commitment becomes a magnet for diverse talent, fostering a rich and inclusive work environment.

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Cracking the Code of Talent Acquisition Challenges

Jennifer's foresight into the future of talent acquisition unveils a paradigm shift: a shift toward skills-based identification and development. In her vision, companies must intimately understand the skills required for their current and future job roles. This requires an ongoing effort to analyze and anticipate skill needs as roles evolve. Once the skill landscape is mapped, the hunt for talent begins. Jennifer acknowledges that candidates may not possess all the required skills, necessitating a system for skill development and upskilling within the organization. This holistic approach ensures that employees can visualize their growth path and contribute to their own career progression, which is intricately woven into the success of the organization.

Leadership Forged Through Challenges

Jennifer's formative years in HR exposed her to a pivotal lesson that redefined her outlook on leadership and management. A challenge involving pay systems for hourly employees led her to realize the importance of involving those affected by change in the decision-making process. The experience taught her that change initiatives are met with resistance when they impact individuals directly. This epiphany underlines the significance of gathering input, engaging affected groups, and fostering open communication throughout the decision-making process. Empathy and transparency are Jennifer's guiding principles, ensuring that changes are not just rolled out, but are embraced through collaborative understanding.

Sculpting The Resonant Legacy 

Jennifer's personal mission as an HR leader and thought influencer mirrors her unwavering belief in the transformative power of HR. She envisions HR and people leaders as the catalysts for organizational success, weaving together a tapestry of impactful strategies that resonate across the employee spectrum. Her legacy is rooted in inspiring, educating, and equipping the HR community to harness their potential and contribute meaningfully. Jennifer McClure's indelible mark is the embodiment of progressive leadership that extends far beyond the confines of a job title, setting a precedent for future generations of HR professionals to redefine and shape the world of work.

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“My personal goal and what I hope will be my legacy is to inspire, motivate, educate, and equip the people leaders of today and tomorrow to step into that massive opportunity to influence, and make a lasting and positive impact.” 

In the realm of human resources, Jennifer McClure's journey serves as a testament to the power of authenticity, empathy, and visionary leadership. Her insights illuminate a path toward a more inclusive, skill-focused, and people-centric approach to talent acquisition, leadership, and organizational success. As we draw inspiration from her profound wisdom, we are reminded that the true essence of HR lies in its capacity to bring out the best in individuals and organizations alike.