Isabelle Hung

Global Expert Exec Hiring & TA Leader

Isabelle Hung and the abracadabra of simplicity

 'Anything is possible if you can dream it' are a few words from Walt Disney that changed the way millions of people saw the world. 

Isabelle Hung, the Global Executive Talent Lead of Solvay, a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. Her methods to stay grounded through the rapid swathes of decisions are capable of changing the course of a business empire.

Keenly aware of this fact, she makes it a point to upgrade her recruiting techniques according to the latest technology that is out there. And this is one of the tactics Isabelle Hung uses to change the way she breaks free from the boxed perspectives of pessimistic thought processes.

At the core, her methodology when it comes to recruiting candidates is a strong combination of behavioral profiling and online assessments. Because of this foolproof combination, she hardly gets any mishires. The repercussion of mishires is an aspect which she is completely aware of as it not only affects continuity but also the confidence of leadership. This is the reason why diversity, equity, and inclusion played a very important role in the culture she helped propagate three years in advance with specified goals to put the plan into action. Her hiring is also reliant on the latest technological developments as well. However, she is not a fan of cluttering the entire process with too many technologies either. A smartphone, a good CRM, and a complimentary suite of tools integrated to perfection according to her that’s all it takes at the basic level for she also understands that “no one product fits all”.

An interaction with Isabelle will give the impression of someone with a keen sense of internal direction perhaps developed over time as she found her love for sailing and the ocean. The bifurcation to stay on her feet amidst the corporate shuffle and shut off post the work has been strongly demarcated to keep afloat the balance she has learned to treasure. 

“I wake up each day and make sure I thank the universe for anything from big to small. It's important to appreciate what you have, even if you don't feel like it. Blue sky, air to breathe, shoes to walk in.”

However, it's not just been a walk in the meadows for her. Her challenge was that as a female CHRO, being dominant and giving unfiltered opinions about situations was frowned upon. Surprisingly, the support came from the business teams, not HR.

Isabelle has an extensive background of working with companies going through growth or transformation across their executive talent teams. Working across a variety of industries, predominantly technology, to include all areas of executive talent management and global talent acquisition strategy. Despite all the challenges she had to face, she was nominated three times by one of the eleven most influential in-house talent acquisition experts, and she is also a part of the top 100 resourcing leaders. She was raised in a family that valued your opinion over academics, and the ability to debate and discuss has been somewhat lost in the generation of today, very sports-focused as a child, fell into various jobs, mainly PR/marketing, and stumbled into recruitment. Her secret to happy living, though simple, can resonate with anyone.

“It's about doing what you like to do, it's not about staying put in a job that doesn't make you happy.” - Isabelle Hung.