Rupinder Sihra

Human Resources Manager @ Abalta Technologies

Rupinder Sihra: Adding to the Quiver of HR Leadership

Change is inevitable. Change is constant. — Benjamin Disraeli

Although these words are used in different forms, Rupinder Sihra is a prime example of putting these words into action. Rupinder Sihra's career journey embodies a profound commitment to crafting exceptional human resources strategies and operations. With a relentless focus on HR, she has navigated diverse roles, from spearheading the HR function at Abalta Technologies, Inc. with finesse and expertise, to influencing the landscape of Denken Solutions, Inc. and School Group. Her leadership at FIITJEE Limited, Pensa Media, and Indus Towers Limited showcased her exceptional capability in orchestrating holistic HR solutions, fostering employee engagement, and driving transformative organizational changes. Notably, her roles at The Boston Consulting Group and Wipro Technologies illuminated her prowess in facility management and administration, emphasizing her well-rounded expertise. With a foundation as a Captain in the Indian Army, Rupinder's journey is an inspiring fusion of dedication, strategy, and impact, continually shaping the essence of HR and administrative excellence across diverse domains.
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Discovering Purpose Amidst Change

Rupinder Sihra embarked on her HR journey with the passion to create positive change within organizations. Starting out in entry-level HR roles, she quickly realized that her true calling was to elevate the HR field to new heights. With an insatiable curiosity, she delved into the nuances of the profession, immersing herself in every aspect, from recruitment to organizational development.

Early on, Rupinder encountered a challenge that would forever shape her outlook on leadership. Tasked with mediating a complex conflict between two high-performing team members, she recognized the significance of communication and understanding. The experience highlighted the value of diverse perspectives and the importance of adaptability in leadership.

“I realized that, as an HR professional, I needed to help them see the value in each other's perspectives and find a way to leverage their differences for the benefit of the project.”

In the midst of her pursuit of excellence, she always found her center by involving her mind and body in pursuits like Reading, Hiking, and Practicing Yoga. While scaling great heights in her professional career, the aspects that catapult her ahead are her involvement in and embracement of activities outside of work.

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Boundless curiosity: the secret sauce to staying ahead

Rupinder's journey was not without its twists. From the beginning, she approached her role as an HR leader with a focus on deep expertise and continuous learning. She realized that becoming a thought leader meant diving into the depths of HR knowledge while remaining open to unconventional ideas. This approach allowed her to build a strong foundation that set her apart as a trusted source of HR insights.

“Through continuous learning, collaboration, and the sharing of insights, I aim to inspire HR professionals to elevate their roles, contribute to organizational success, and create workplaces that empower employees to thrive."

Throughout her career, Rupinder faced the challenge of assessing candidates with frequent job changes on their resumes. She understood the importance of avoiding assumptions and instead focused on a holistic assessment. Her approach involved in-depth conversations with candidates, seeking patterns, and understanding the motivations behind each change.

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Championing Diversity and Innovation:

As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Rupinder leveraged inventive techniques to attract a broad spectrum of talent. She believed in inclusive job descriptions that emphasized skills and qualifications, rather than biased language. Diverse recruitment channels, employee referral programs, and collaboration with diversity networks became her tools for fostering an inclusive workforce.

Moreover, Rupinder embraced technological advancements in HR. Virtual reality tours, gamified assessments, and unbiased screening technology were all part of her strategy to engage candidates in innovative ways.

A Legacy of Empowerment:

For Rupinder Sihra, her personal mission as an HR leader and thought influencer is clear: to drive positive change and transformation within the HR community and the organizations it serves. She aims to be remembered as a catalyst for change, someone who challenged conventions and encouraged others to think creatively and strategically. Her legacy will be characterized by her commitment to ethical leadership, fostering diversity and inclusion, and pushing the boundaries of innovation in HR practices.

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“Ultimately, I want my legacy to be an inspiration for future generations of HR professionals to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field and to continue striving for excellence, empathy, and innovation”

As she reflects on her journey and the mark she hopes to leave behind, Rupinder envisions a legacy that advances the principles of fairness, equity, and human-centered leadership in organizations. She desires to have inspired future generations of HR professionals to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field. Through her contributions, Rupinder Sihra has redefined HR leadership, leaving an indelible imprint on the HR community, one that resonates with excellence, empathy, and innovation.