How Alton Lane,
a premium retail apparel brand, closed niche sales roles with EasySource

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Use Case:
Strategic Talent Sourcing for Dynamic Sales Positions

Retail Apparel & Fashion



Optimizing the current recruitment process to engage hard-to-reach talent pools and close senior sales roles across the US, all while saving valuable resources and time


Before adopting EasySource, our client's recruitment strategy mainly revolved around posting job ads on various job boards, relying on employee referrals & word-of-mouth. Despite investing over two months into these traditional methods, they struggled to fill their niche sales role due to a lack of qualified candidates.



The client faced challenges, including the need to work around the clock to find the right talent and the complexities of reaching out effectively. As a result, several sales positions remained unfilled for over two months. However, upon integrating EasySource into their recruitment process, remarkable improvements were observed:

In just one week, Alton Lane harnessed the power of EasySource, automating the talent identification process around the clock. This quick turnaround allowed them to source multiple qualified candidates and coordinate interviews. This was made possible through the tool's built-in features, which facilitated candidate selection based on job descriptions, vetting candidates according to their profile skills, and shortlisting those most likely to accept the job offer.

The subsequent weeks saw the company effortlessly calibrating candidate skills with EasySource, streamlining the hiring process even further. With the added benefit of hyper-personalization, the client reached out to potential candidates with tailored messages that resonated with them personally.

This approach yielded fruitful results as Alton Lane successfully conducted in-person interviews and promptly extended a job offer to their newest team member, putting an end to the two-month-long vacancy challenge. The efficiency and effectiveness of EasySource significantly improved their recruitment efforts.



Interviews lined up in just a week



time saved while engaging with qualified candidates

testimonial person

“The campaign was a positive surprise for us. Our traditional hiring process in a challenging market could have resulted in missed opportunities. The HireQuotient team invested time to understand what we seek in our talent, and ensured that the results from the tool are tuned to our requirements. Eventually, we were able to close the role in just 20 days (16 days less than the standard timeline). I highly recommend this for all HR toolkits!”

Erik Jacyshyn

Director of Recruiting and HR



Closed First Role

With the help of EasySource, Alton Lane efficiently filled a sales role in less than three weeks, which was open for more than two-months.


Increase in time to fill

EasySource significantly improved time-to-fill, reducing it by 92% for the open position.


Qualified Candidates

The recruitment team now saves time by eliminating manual outreach efforts and achieves a 97% success rate in sourcing qualified candidates through EasySource's talent sourcing automation.

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