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JD Generation

Begin with our Compelling free JD Generator & create an engaging JD


Candidate Sourcing

Get a pool of relevant sales talent in just a few click with our EasySource


Skill Assessment

Make the most of our built in assessment tool and identify the best sales talent with EasyAssess


Video Interviews

Efficiently reduce your company’s time to fill with our one way video interview tool- EasyInterview 


Hire top sales talent

Select the qualified candidates faster to boost organization growth

What Sets Us Apart

Elevate your B2B marketing recruitment with our cutting-edge hiring tool, seamlessly attracting both active and passive candidates. Our advanced algorithms identify the ideal candidate for your specific marketing needs, empowering marketing recruiters to tap into talent pools within relevant industries and competitors.

  • Hyper-personalized Candidate Outreach
  • Ditch the age-old process of manual outreach and send hyper-personalized messages with our smart AI that understands what resonates with your candidates.
  • Thorough Candidate Vetting
  • Zero-in on recruiting prospects with the highest chance of success with our performance based star rating system.

Marketing Recruitment Automation

Effortlessly streamline & automate repetitive tasks such as job posting, screening, and interviewing, freeing up valuable time for marketing recruiters.

Enhanced candidate sourcing and screening

Broaden candidate reach automatically with our candidate sourcing tool & shortlist the desired profiles using AI-powered screening.

Improve collaboration & communication

Collaborate with hiring managers, and other stakeholders seamlessly. Facilitate easy communication with candidates through automated emails.

Data-driven decision making

Get comprehensive analytics and features to track recruitment metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing recruitment process.

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