Plant Director

Experience: N/A

Tennessee, United States

Job Title: Plant Director

Location: Tennessee

Visa Requirements: Must be able to work in the USA (Green card or Citizen)

The Role:

As the Plant Director, you will be responsible for providing effective strategic direction to the leadership team, fostering a work culture focused on vitality, agility, and a 'high care' ethos. You will take on overall responsibility for a unique initiative involving multiple production lines, work plans, and continuous improvement approaches, with the aim of achieving key objectives in safety, quality, cost, efficiency, and reliability. Intelligent collaboration with plant, management, and executive team members, combined with exemplary delivery, will pave the way for your progression into senior executive roles.


- Assume full operational, financial, and engineering ownership of a complex, state-of-the-art 'Continuous Flow' manufacturing operation.
- Aspire to and surpass 'World Class Manufacturing' principles, driving the organization towards excellence.
- Attract, select, develop, mentor, and motivate key personnel to ensure superior execution of all activities.
- Cultivate a healthy working environment where vitality, agility, and care form the core principles.
- Communicate effectively, confidently, and reliably with colleagues, customers, and suppliers at all levels.
- Collaborate with a high-geared leadership team to streamline policies and processes focused on key objectives.
- Proactively take charge of overall performance, inspiring enthusiasm for continuous improvement.


- Demonstrated experience in leading complex manufacturing operations with a focus on continuous improvement and achieving outstanding results.
- Strong background in applying 'World Class Manufacturing' principles and implementing best practices.
- Excellent leadership skills with the ability to attract, develop, and inspire a high-performing team.
- Effective communication and interpersonal abilities, enabling seamless collaboration across all levels of the organization.
- Proven track record in driving operational and financial performance to meet and exceed targets.

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