Linux and Network Administrator

Experience: experience in IT

Berlin, Germany

Job Title: Linux and Network Administrator (Media and Marketing Sector)

Work Location: Berlin, Germany 

Job Type: Permanent Employment - Full Time 

Work Setup: Full-time in the office

Language: Fluent in German - English beneficial

Job Description: We are seeking a dedicated and skilled Linux and Network Administrator to join our dynamic team in Berlin, Germany. As a key member of our Media and Marketing company, you will be responsible for the administration of Linux servers and PostgreSQL databases, as well as handling various network-related tasks.


  • Setup and administration of Linux servers, ensuring their optimal performance and stability.
  • Utilize monitoring tools like Nagios and Zabbix to proactively identify and address any system issues promptly.
  • Implement reliable backup solutions using Bacula to safeguard critical data.
  • Install, configure, and maintain network components to ensure smooth communication and connectivity.
  • Address technical aspects of security requirements and handle firewall administration.
  • Conduct comprehensive error analysis and troubleshoot IT operations, including third-party applications, while also contributing to infrastructure improvements.
  • Oversee PostgreSQL database setup, ensuring efficient performance and data integrity.
  • Monitor and manage database backups and standby databases for data redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Ensure the smooth functioning of the overall database infrastructure.

Your Profile: As the ideal candidate, you are reliable, structured, and dedicated, with a strong ability to work collaboratively within a team. In addition, you possess the following professional skills:

  • Successfully completed training as an IT specialist or equivalent.
  • Proven experience in Linux and network administration, showcasing your technical proficiency.
  • Familiarity with deployment using Ansible and Bash scripts, enabling efficient automation and management.
  • Expertise in the administration of PostgreSQL databases, ensuring their proper functioning and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of load balancing, clustering, reverse proxy, and virtualization is highly valued.
  • Fluent in German (at least C1 level), allowing effective communication with team members and stakeholders.

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